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Coronavirus Updates

For information, go to wichita.edu/covid.

Usually in Ablah Library!

IDA's Lab is inside Ablah Library's C-space

Labs Give Instructors Individualized Help

COVID-19 Response Update

IDA labs are online for the duration of the COVID-19 response. For more information about labs via Zoom, checkout our special online labs webpage. This page includes links to the Zoom labs sessions.  We will do our best to take anyone who needs help when they arrive to the lab, but if the Zoom lab area gets too full at any one time, we may need to ask you to join later. We can address Blackboard, Zoom, Panopto, accessibility, and remote pedagogy questions.  If you prefer, we also offer a direct email address where you can send your questions, concerns, and frustrations: IDA@wichita.edu . We also have extensive resources online. Please click "In This Section" above to access more of our webpage guidance.


Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. 

Sometimes you just need a real answer from a real person. That's where IDA's Blackboard and Accessibility Labs come in.

Centrally located inside the Ablah Library's C-Space, the IDA Lab is a come-and-go, individualized experience. Can't get there until close to "closing time"? No problem! Our offices are nearby, so we can stay until the last person is fully satisfied with the help they have received, and if we need to, we'll bring you back to our main offices.

The C-Space is a great place for our labs because there is so many supportive devices available like scanners and audio capture tools. Come and see what the university provides for your use, and let us help you figure out how to get your online and face-to-face classes just the way you want them to be.