Black Excellence

Black Excellence is a platform that provides resources building on culture, tradition and intersectionality to support academics, identities and social excellence for students at Wichita State University.

Black Excellence MASTERCLASS WorkshopsBlack Excellence MASTERCLASS Workshops


The Office of Diversity and Inclusion wants our African American/Black students (including African American, Caribbean, Afro-Latino, Multiracial and continental-African) to:

  • BE successful on campus;
  • BE studious with their classwork;
  • BE leaders in organizations; and
  • BE comfortable in their own skin

Students who participate in Black Excellence will be provided with campus resources, professional development, academic support and connections to Black faculty, staff and alumni. In addition, programs and opportunities will be offered both on-campus and in the greater Wichita community.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes describes what Black Excellence students are able to demonstrate in terms of knowledge, skills and values upon their participation in the group.

  • Students will know and engage with academic support resources resulting in a firm academic foundation.
  • Students who participate in Black Excellence will demonstrate an understanding of intersectionality in their own identity and culture and other identities and cultures.
  • Students will develop respectful, collaborative, community relationships amongst Black Excellence participants, Black faculty, staff, alumni and community partners.
  • Black Excellence participants will recognize their role in contributing and engaging in positive social community change.

Interested in Black Excellence?

The first step to start journey with Black Excellence is to sign up for this group. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion believes that all students that we serve have amazing potential at Wichita State and we believe you can lean into discomfort to take advantage of all the opportunities that lies ahead of you. We believe that Black Excellence will be able to foster your personal and professional development while you are here at Wichita State and hopefully, be able to build networks and connections that will create everlasting relationships beyond college. In our views, we do not see Black Excellence being time consuming at all. Our goal is to ensure you have a safe space and networking outlet outside of your academics and extracurricular activities. We hope to able to help you with your leadership development, collaboration, effective communication and clarify, develop and live your own values. If you are interested in joining Black Excellence, please fill out the registration form below:

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Black Excellence has dedicated facilitators committed to empowering our Black students at Wichita State University through leadership and professional development.

Cameron Morgan

Cameron Morgan

Staff Facilitator