Scholarship Opportunities

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available for underrepresented students throughout the United States. The information and links contained within this directory by no means represent a comprehensive list of every available underrepresented scholarship opportunity. We have compiled a database of scholarship opportunities to which we have knowledge. Most of these websites have access to databases with thousands of scholarships giving away billions of dollars.

We would like your help to continually update and improve our multicultural scholarship index. Please let us know if you find any other scholarship or scholastic websites which you believe will benefit other underrepresented students. Simply email us the URLs of any websites you think should be included to Please note that not all websites will be added as we will be screening each URL to ensure that the opportunities are legitimate.

Thank you for your help and GOOD LUCK in meeting your educational goals!

Wichita State Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid has compiled a list of scholarships that are provided directly to students who are attending Wichita State University. You can learn more about merit scholarships and competitions that could help fund your high-quality Wichita State education.