Request a validation code for university guests parking in the garage.

Parking Services offers validation codes for departments, groups and outside entities to use in the parking garage. Code usage will be checked after your event or once a month and billed or invoiced accordingly, depending on the type of code you request. Cost to use the garage is $1.50 per hour, per vehicle plus a $5.00 set up fee per code. 

Is this a modification to a previously submitted request?*
Are you requesting a one time use code or an ongoing use code?*
If this is a one-time use, please provide the date of the event and the time frame your visitors will be on campus.
If this is for an on-going use, please list how long you'd like your code to be valid each day (i.e. 1 hour, 2 hours, etc.)
Please list the fund/org we could process monthly billing against. If no, type "invoice."
This can be general as this code will be valid as needed.
By clicking "I agree" your department or organization will be held responsible for any charges incurred with your unique garage code. If you suspect someone is using your code without prior authorization you will need to contact immediately.*