You may purchase an electronic parking permit (ePermit) and register up to five (5) vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. Only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time and a license plate can only be registered once. If you will have a second vehicle on campus, a day pass will need to be purchased.

NOTE: Motorcycle permits are no longer purchased separately. You can register motorcycles and cars under one permit.

Get information for disabled parking

You need to update, add or delete your vehicle registration information if any changes occur (i.e. temporary tag, rental car, new vehicle purchase, sold vehicle, etc.). To make changes, please log back in to your parking account and add a new vehicle license plate or delete an existing vehicle.

Please follow the steps below to register your vehicle(s) and purchase your ePermit:

  1. Log in to your myWSU portal
  2. Click on the Parking icon located in the upper right corner
  3. Click on Wichita State myWSU Sign In
  4. Click Buy Permit
  5. Select the appropriate ePermit option (if more than one option available). Reserved ePermit must be purchased at Police Department with cash or check only.
  6. Click Next
  7. If you have a disabled parking placard or plate, check “Do you require a disability ePermit?” You will be asked to upload your Disabled Identification Card which must be in your name.
  8. Click Add Vehicle
    • You will need to have the following information available on each vehicle: Type, State, License Plate, Make, Style and Color.
    • If you have a temporary tag, you will enter that number, then update with the new license plate number.
    • Do not use space when entering the license plate number.
  9. Click Create
  10. Click Next/Save
  11. Sign up for text alerts (optional)
  12. Read Rules and Regulations and Check Box
  13. Click Next/Save
  14. Review Order Details page and click Submit
  15. You will be redirected to a secure web page to choose a payment method, click Continue
  16. Enter payment information, click Continue
  17. Please wait for Permit Receipt
  18. Log out
  19. You will receive a confirmation email titled “Notice of Payment”

If you wish to pay by cash or check, visit the Police Department.

Purchasing an ePermit does not guarantee a parking space on campus.

The Flats at WSU parking lots

Undergound parking permits are available for The Flats residents and must be purchased from Police department.