Welcome to Wichita State University!

 If you are a returning visitor who needs to access an existing parking account, you may do so here.

Visitors to the Wichita State campus may park without an ePermit for four calendar days during the year (July - June). On your fifth visit to campus during the year, you'll need to purchase an ePermit at the link below. For ePermit options and pricing, click here.

Purchase a visitor parking ePermit (You will be asked to provide license plate information and the type, make and color for each vehicle you wish to register to complete the purchase.)

To accommodate the license plate scanning system, your license plate must be visible and unobscured. If your license plate is on the rear of the vehicle, backing into a parking stall or pulling through is not allowed (this rule does not apply to vehicles with a disabled parking plate or placard).

 Visitors may park in lots with green, yellow or yellow-and-green-striped signage (including motorcycle areas). They may not park in red parking lots.

View our interactive campus map for parking info and directions