How do I register my vehicle?

Please follow the steps below to register your vehicle:

  1. Go to the parking portal.
  2. Click on Wichita State myWSU Sign In
  3. Click Add New Vehicle
    • You will need to have the following information available on each vehicle: Type, State, License Plate, Make, Style and Color.
    • If you have a temporary tag, you will enter that number then update with the new license plate number.
    • Do not use space when entering the license plate number.
  4. Click Create
Do employees with Students and or Graduate positions need to sign up for payroll deductions?

No. Student and Graduate positions are not eligible for Payroll Parking Deductions.

Continue to pay for parking as a student rather than an employee.

Please complete the fields below to sign up for payroll parking deduction. Once submitted, the payroll department will update your payroll deduction for parking.

Please select the epermit you would like to sign up for. *
I agree to abide by all parking rules and regulations. (Reminder: Red parking stalls posted as restricted or reserved spaces are enforced 24/7.) I understand that the paid registration of my license plates and the purchase of ePermit serves as my permission to park on campus.
Please enter your myWSUID (this acts as your signature) (not WSU TECH ID)
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