7 (seven) business day advance notification is required.

There is no exception to this policy. 

DO NOT send more than one request for a reservation, unless it is to modify the reservation.

Email confirmation will be sent once the request has been reviewed.

Some requests may require police staffing.

PLEASE NOTE! Reservations can ONLY be made for 10 (ten) or more stalls. Any need for parking less than ten will require visitors to have an ePermit, which may be paid by the visitor or the requesting department through the department’s parking portal. These ePermits allow a visitor to park in any green, yellow, and green/yellow striped lot as long as they are not parked in a designated stall marked with a red sign or an ADA space without a valid ADA permit. Such parking will be on a first-come, first-served basis and is not reserved, held exclusive for, or guaranteed.

Reservations for 10 or more stalls may ONLY be reserved in the following lots striped both green and yellow, meaning they are a mixture of student/faculty/staff parking lots:

  • Lots 2N, 2S, 2W, 2E (lots around Koch Arena)
  • Lot 19E (lot along the south side of Eck Stadium and east to 21st street)
  • Lot 21N (lot east of lot 19E, across Mike Oatman Drive)
  • Lot 26S (Intensive English Language Center)
  • Lot 25 (lot behind Blake Hall)
  • Lot 24 (across 17th street from the Coleman Tennis Complex and Henrion Hall)
  • Lot 18 (lot south of Brennan Hall III)
  • Lot 35S (lot east of Experiential Engineering along 17th street)
  • United Methodist Church parking lot (northwest corner of 21st and Yale)

See this map for physical locations of the lots.

Green student-only lots and yellow faculty/staff-only lots, as well as the RSC Parking Garage, are not eligible for lot reservations.

We are here to assist you and your guests! We only ask that you please be respectful of the guidelines outlined herein. You may email us at wsuparking@wichita.edu or call us at 978-5530, 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday

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