If your department or organization is hosting an event on campus you will need parking for your guests, please read the following information:


The purpose of the lot reservations is to help accommodate large group of guests visiting campus for events or the event itself. Remember, visitors to campus can park without an ePermit up to 3 (three) times each semester. If you are only expecting a few visitors we’d like you to consider having your guests use one of their three visits for your event.  

Requests should be submitted at least 5 (five) business days in advance, this will allow us to review the request and to make appropriate accommodations. You will receive an email confirmation or denial after your request has been reviewed. Please do not send more than one request for a reservation unless you have a modification.

To accommodate guests and to disrupt regular parking on campus as little as possible, lot reservations will mainly be approved for any of our “Yellow/Green” lots, as these are some of our larger lots.

  • Lots 2N, 2W, 2E (lots around Koch Arena)
  • Lot 19E (lot along the east side of Eck Stadium)
  • Lot 21N (lot north of Marcus Welcome Center, next to 21st)
  • Lots 24 & 25 (south side of campus at 17th & Fairmount Ave)
  • Lot 35S (lot east of the John Bardo Center)

See this Parking Lot Location Map for physical locations of the lots.

Other areas that are not listed above may be requested though may not always be approved.

If you are requesting a parking lot for the event itself there will be additional planning involved. Some outdoor events might require that other departments review and approve the request as well as Parking Services. 

Some requests may require staffing. If Parking Services is needed to staff a lot reservation there may be a charge associated with that.

*Parking Services has limited signage to indicate lot closures. If signage is needed for individual stalls or personalized signage it will be up to the requesting Department/Organization to provided their own signs.

We are here to assist you and your guests! We only ask that you please be respectful of the guidelines outlined herein. You may email us at wsuparking@wichita.edu or call us at 978-5530, 8am-4pm, Monday-Friday.

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