What Does the HOPE Services Advisory Board Do?


Education - This committee will work to educate Wichita State University students about the effects of alcohol use, to promote self-evaluation of alcohol consumption patterns, and to teach harm reduction strategies that allow students to make informed decisions regarding alcohol use and related risks. We also provide education around sexual assualt and intimate partner violence, resources available to assist in matters of assault and abuse, and stratagies to build healthy relationships with others. Education related to sexual health is also provided through various events hosted by Student Health Services and in co-programming through various departments that are a part of the HOPE Services Advisory Board (HSAB).

Enforcement/Policy - This committee has focused on enforcement of campus alcohol policies and increasing cooperation with University and Wichita Police Departments. Student Conduct and Community Standards has collaborated with Counseling and Testing Center to formalize a tiered sanction system for alcohol and drug policy violations. The Wichita State University Police Department (UPD) has joined the Wichita Police Department (WPD) in DUI special enforcement actions during the school year. The UPD indicated particular interest in working events which may be scheduled near alcohol-related establishments frequented by those who fit higher education demographics. Each WPD Patrol Bureau schedules their own enforcement actions within their geographic areas of responsibility. If staffing levels allow us to participate in any scheduled event, we will supply enforcement outcomes to the committee. In addition, we are increasing partnership with the Kansas Alcohol, Beverage, Control Division.

Data/Research - This committee will evaluate alcohol and other drug use in the Wichita State University community, assess perceptions and attitudes in the community regarding alcohol and other drug use, analyze and present data to the Wichita State University community, and conduct evaluations of current prevention and harm reduction programs.

Marketing - This committee will work to promote the Prevention Services Advisory Board and its activities through various forms of media including television, internet, social media and print advertisements. This committee is also responsible for resource information that is distributed to students, staff, and faculty. This includes information disseminated at orientation and other outreach programs provided by the HOPE Services Advisory Board or in the various departments/organizaitons that are a part of the HSAB.