How do I apply for MSEP?

There is no formal application for the Midwest Student Exchange Program at Wichita State. All new students who meet the requirements and follow the steps below are members of MSEP and receive the tuition discount for as long as they maintain eligibility.

There are 4 steps to the Midwest Student Exchange Program admission process:

  1. Meet WSU’s academic and residency requirements for MSEP.
  2. Complete the required admissions process:
    - Full admission to WSU as an undergraduate student.
    - Full or contingent admission to the WSU Graduate School.
  3. Officially declare an MSEP-eligible degree bound major through the Office of Admissions or Graduate School (or through Academic Advisor after being admitted).
  4. Sign and return the MSEP agreement included with the invitation letter. (Invitation letters are sent automatically to qualifying prospective students. If you think you qualify and haven't received an invitation within two weeks of completing steps 1-3 above, email Kristi Hughes or call 316-978-3073.)

The MSEP agreement form outlines:

  • The academic and residency requirements for admission to MSEP (mentioned above).
  • The requirements for maintaining MSEP eligibility from year to year. (In most cases this includes living in on-campus housing for two years, as well as meeting the ongoing academic qualifications.)
  • The form requires your signature as confirmation of your agreement to the stated terms and to affirm that you are a legal resident of one of the eligible states.

Once steps 1-4 above are completed your fee bill will be adjusted to reflect the MSEP tuition discount. This happens in July for fall semester, December for spring semester and May for summer session. Any other financial aid you receive will be applied after the tuition discount.

During the rest of your time at WSU, your name will be automatically included on the MSEP-eligible list every semester as long as you maintain eligibility (major, GPA, progress toward degree). No further action is required on your part.