Tuition residency is defined in the Kansas Board of Regents' Kansas Administrative Regulation (K.A.R.) 88-3-2.

Resident tuition classification is determined by criteria in the Kansas Board of Regents regulations and statutes annotated. Students are responsible for providing information sufficient to support their applications for resident classification. Tuition residency information on the Wichita State University website does not replace or supersede the statutes or Regents' regulations which contain the detailed requirements that must be met in order to prove resident status.

For students 18 years or older residency is determined based on their ability to document clearly and convincingly that they meet the requirements established by the statutes and regulations linked below. The residency status of students younger than 18 years is determined by the residence of their custodial parent or the parent who provided the preponderance of the financial support for 365 days prior to the first day of classes.

The definition of residence (K.A.R. 88-3-2) can be evaluated by three basic categories: 1. Continuous physical residence in the state of Kansas for a year prior to the start of classes. 2. Reliance upon Kansas sources of support and 3. Intent to make Kansas your permanent home indefinitely. It is possible to change classification status while attending the University, however, you will be required to document that you have met the criteria, as outlined in K.A.R. 88-3-2 for a year prior to the first day of classes. Demonstrating that you have met these criteria while attending school can be difficult. Each application is assessed relative to the regulations based on the individual's situation as presented in the application. Note - If you have lived in Kansas within the past five (5) years and were a resident for tuition purposes and plan to return to Kansas, please contact the WSU Registrar's Office. Additional information is available on the KBOR website.

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