High School vs. College

When asked, "How is college different from high school?" WSU students responded this way:

  • Personal Responsibility
    "In college you have freedom to do as you please…to go where you wish…to do as you wish. Unfortunately, this freedom is easily abused. The student carries 98% of the responsibility and control."
  • Class Attendance
    "As a college student, you will decide whether you want to go to class or not. Being absent will hurt you in the long run."
  • Teacher Attitude
    "Your instructors will not hound you to do your work. It's entirely up to you."
  • Types of Assignments
    "In high school we were given a homework assignment every day. Now we have a large task assigned to be done at a certain time. No one tells us when to start or what to do each day."
  • Importance of Performance
    "Don't take your courses lightly. The decisions you make in college will decide your future, in some respects. Remember that you are here for an education."
  • Time Management
    "The amount of free time you have in college is much greater than in high school. Always have a weekly study schedule to go by. Otherwise, time slips away and you will not be able to account for it."
  • Amount of Study
    "In high school I was a B student without studying. In college I was a C/D student without studying. To succeed, you have to study."
  • Size of Institution/Classes
    "Lecture classes are much larger than high school classes. Don't let this scare you. Sit close to the front."
  • Difficulty of College Work
    "College is probably going to be tougher than high school. Don't let that stop you!"
  • Social Life
    "Sometimes it seems harder to make friends because of the size of the school. But, there are a variety of organizations and activities. Get involved and meet the people."