Welcome to the Michael Tilford Conference, hosted at Wichita State University on October 3rd and 4th, 2024. This annual event brings together educators, administrators, students, and community leaders to explore the theme "The Harmony of Uniqueness: Advancing Higher Education through Prioritizing Multicultural Innovation and Community Engagement."

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2024 Tilford Conference

Join us for two days of insightful discussions, practical workshops, and networking opportunities as we delve into the evolving landscape of higher education. Together, let's strive to advance multicultural innovation and community engagement in higher education. Join our inspiring journey toward shaping the future of academia through the power of cultural innovation and community engagement, creating a more inclusive and equitable educational environment for all.



At the heart of our conference theme is the idea of embracing uniqueness and fostering belonging in higher education. By prioritizing cultural innovation and community engagement, we aim to create a more vibrant, equitable, and resilient academic community. Through thought-provoking keynotes, meaningful dialogue, and networking opportunities, we seek to inspire and empower attendees to actively contribute to the advancement of higher education. 


Foster a deeper understanding of the importance of cultural innovation and community engagement in shaping the future of higher education.
Provide attendees with practical insights and strategies for advancing belonging, equity, and community initiatives on their campuses.
Facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations among attendees, speakers, and industry experts.
Inspire attendees to take action and contribute to building a more innovative, culturally rich, and forward-thinking academic landscape.
Promote a sense of unity and collaboration that transcends disciplines and institutions, fostering a stronger sense of community within the higher education sector.

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The Michael Tilford Conference is a vibrant platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration in the higher education community. It brings together educators, administrators, students, and community leaders to explore innovative approaches to advancing higher education. Through engaging sessions, thought-provoking keynotes, and interactive workshops, attendees will delve into diverse perspectives and challenge traditional boundaries. The conference provides valuable opportunities for professional growth and networking, driving forward the conversation on higher education innovation.
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Call for Proposals

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About Michael Tilford

Headshot of Michael TilfordThe Michael Tilford Conference is named in honor of Dr. Michael Tilford, a distinguished educator and advocate for multiculturalism and inclusion in higher education. Dr. Tilford's legacy is deeply intertwined with Wichita State University, where he made significant contributions to advancing diversity and inclusion efforts.

As a respected educator and administrator at Wichita State University, Dr. Tilford played a pivotal role in shaping the institution's commitment to diversity and equity. He was instrumental in developing programs and initiatives that promoted multiculturalism and supported underrepresented students.

Dr. Tilford's tireless advocacy for diversity and inclusion continues to inspire us to this day. Through the Michael Tilford Conference, we honor his legacy by continuing to promote dialogue, collaboration, and action in support of diversity and inclusion in higher education.

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