Seeking Judges

Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership is seeking volunteers to judge our competition for the upcoming Hippodrome - a celebration of Shocker Talent. This year we seek judges for our skit and talent competition.

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Talent Competition Judges

  • The ideal judge must be impartial and have no direct relation to a performer (relative, advisor, instuctor, etc.)
  • Student talent will vary and may include musicians, vocalists, magicians, comedians and more
  • Each talent performance will last approximately five minutes
  • Talent competitors will perform live at the CAC Theater, performances to be live-streamed
  • Judges will score talent from the CAC Theater and will be assigned their own judging section. The only other folks in the theater will be talent competitors and a representative from each film submission.
  • Judges must arrive to the CAC Theater by 6:20 p.m. on Friday, March 31, to review judging criterea and scoring rules.
  • Judges are asked to stay for the duration of the live-streamed event including the awards ceremony and your time committment should not exceed 2.5 hours.

Hippodrome Judges Form

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