We've Moved!

Please note, The Shocker Career Accelerator has moved to the Milly Marcus Annex of the Marcus Welcome Center.

New Career Services Platform Coming Soon!

The Shocker Career Accelerator is excitedly anticipating the launch of Shocker Central. Learn more about Shocker Central.

Leadership Team

The Shocker Career Accelerator Leadership team is a dedicated group of experienced professionals who oversee and guide the Shocker Career Accelerator.

Brian Austin

Director of Employer Relations

(316) 978-6983

Mark Bengtson

Director of Talent and Sourcing

(316) 978-6984

Bobby Gandu

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Enrollment Management and Undergraduate Admissions

(316) 978-4755

Sara Muzzy

Director of Career Development

(316) 978-6986


Career Ready Team

The Career Ready Team teaches students the skills to navigate their career journey. The team provides customized support through one-on-one career coaching appointments and by developing engaging and practical learning experiences for groups and classes. 

Ana Abente

Career Coach

(316) 978-6830

Aaron Evans

Career Coach

(316) 978-7443

Sara Leftwich

Program Specialist

(316) 978-6138

Sarah Mathews

Manager, Career Development

(316) 978-6144

Rachel Valentine

Career Coach

(316) 978-6567

Brisstal Colson

Peer Advisor

(316) 978-3688

Kadrian Ayarza

Peer Advisor


Employer Relations Team

The Employer Relations Team is focused on establishing and nurturing relationships with employers and organizations. With a deep understanding of the job market and industry trends, they work strategically to build partnerships and collaborations that benefit student job seekers and employers. 

Brian Austin

Director of Employer Relations

(316) 978-6983

Julie Sanders

Employer Relations Account Manager

(316) 978-6132

Talent and Sourcing

The Talent and Sourcing Team is dedicated to assisting Wichita State students in finding applied learning opportunities and helping fill talent pipeline needs for industry partners. We work closely with the Employer Relations and the Career Ready team to understand both industry and student needs in the talent space. 

Mark Bengtson

Director of Talent and Sourcing

(316) 978-6984

Marketing, Communications and Events

The Marketing, Communications, and Events Team is a dynamic and creative group of professionals responsible for promoting and enhancing the brand and reputation of the Shocker Career Accelerator. Additionally, the team manages and coordinates events, career fairs, and employer networking sessions.

Lori Godderz

Employer Event Manager

(316) 978-6568

Kim Kufahl

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications

(316) 978-6981

Hannah Roberts

Multimedia Coordinator

(316) 978-3908

Operations Team

The Operations Team provides essential administrative support to ensure the smooth functioning of the Shocker Career Accelerator.

Teri Robertson

Manager of Operations and Tutor (316) Program Coordinator

(316) 978-6131

Connie Slaughter

Administrative Assistant

(316) 978-3688