Membership Intake

Membership Intake is an individualized process that members within the Multicultural Greek Council utilize to bring new members into their organization.  Chapters choose the semester and dates when they will recruit and pledge new members.  This process generally begins with an interest meeting followed by a period of membership education.  The intake process typically ends with initiation or a formal crossing into membership and may include a new member presentation or reveal to show the new members to the campus community and their family and friends.

Joining a chapter in MGC is a lifelong commitment to a far-reaching national organization that is both exciting and rewarding.  The brotherhood/sisterhood, dedication to community service and cultural awareness and education that you share as a member of a MGC organization is unlike any other.  

At Wichita State, the Multicultural Greek Council is comprised of culturally-based chapters (Latino/a, Asian, and Muslim) and historically-black chapters (NPHC).  MGC chapters boast smaller sizes and create a more intimate and close brotherhood and sisterhood.  Despite your background, none of these organizations are exclusive and anyone can join.  You can embrace and explore a different culture you never thought you would have before.

Tips to Join

Learn the Basics

Each organization in the MGC celebrates a unique culture or ethnicity. Research each organization, looking for those that encompass a part of your own identity or align with a community that you strongly support. Try to find a fraternity or sorority that reflects the values, goals and objectives that are most fitting with your own. Visit their national and local websites to find publications that discuss the origin and basic tenants of the organization.

Attend Events

Look for flyers, Facebook invitations and other publicity about programs and functions that will be hosted by the chapters that you are interested in. Your attendance will show your interest in the organization, give you a better understanding of their programs and make connections with the members.

Introduce Yourself

Once you have identified the organization that you are interested in joining, let them know that you are interested in pledging. Choosing the organization that you would like to join is a serious decision and one that can be greatly impacted by your interactions and conversations with the member.

Do Your Homework

Chapters seek new members that have something positive to offer. Show that you have a genuine appreciation and interest in the organization, have researched its history, exemplify its standards, have leadership and community service experience, and can contribute to making the chapter stronger.

Attend an Informational

An organization's informational/interest meeting is where the criteria for membership are explained. Informational meetings may be publicized via flyers or by a direct invitation from the chapter.

Attend a MGC Event

Each semester, MGC hosts the MGC Informational (the second Monday of the first month of the semester).  Every MGC chapter is at this event and you can learn about each one and talk to their members.

Fall 2019 MGC Informational: August 26, 5 p.m., RSC Beggs Ballroom

The Yard Show is held the second Thursday of the Fall semester and is a time to showcase the stepping and/or strolling skills of each MGC organization.  It is a great opportunity to learn about each organization.

Fall 2019 Yard Show:August 29, 12 p.m., RSC North Patio