Student Organization events and meetings are an important part of the Shocker Experience. With this new normal, we wanted to provide this resource guide that will continue to be updated as the year goes on. For any specific questions or help, please contact Maggi Hole, Graduate Assistant for Student Organizations via email at We are here to serve and help you through this time!

Recently updated: March 3, 2021

Convert, Not Cancel! Connection, Not Perfection!
Randi Beggs, Coordinator of Student Activities
As you think about your future events during the COVID-19 pandemic, we challenge you to think differently about how you execute them. Remember, keep health and safety efforts at the forefront of your student experience.

In-Person Events and Meetings 

Student Organizations are welcome to host in-person events and meetings as long as the guidelines below are followed. 

RSO Office Hours 
Please email to schedule an appointment to meeting with one of the RSO staff members. 
What is Social Distancing?
Social Distancing is a term that medical professionals are using to refer to a conscious effort to reduce close contact between people and hopefully stymie community transmission of the virus.
Event Policy

On February 2, 2021, the Sedgwick County Local Health Officer issued an Emergency Public Health Order detailing new and additional restrictions regarding mass gatherings in Sedgwick County (Order No. 2021-2). Per Order No. 2021-2, mass gatherings are limited to 100 total individuals and subject to additional requirements requiring social distancing.

Below is the new guidance for Events for RSOs for the Spring Semester

  • All RSOs must request approval for any/all events via ShockerSync (including meetings, organization-only events, etc.)
  • Essential events will be considered for attendance greater than 25 persons but will be capped at 100 attendees.
    • Essential events (events deemed vital to the organization’s function) are limited to 100 total individuals and subject to additional requirements. Examples of these events include, but are not limited to, initiations, elections, meetings, fundraisers, and recruitment efforts. 
  • Not all events categorized above may be deemed essential.
  • The Dean of Students’ Office will review each submission on a case-by-case basis.
    • Submission of a request does not guarantee approval. 
    • The Dean of Students’ decision is final and there is no appeal process.
      • Denied requests will be provided with a written justification for the denial.
  • All event requests should be submitted at least one (1) week before the event date to allow sufficient time for review.
  • Requests for essential events will be collected via ShockerSync through the normal event approval process. Please be sure to explain, in detail, why the event is essential.


A roster of attendees must be submitted within 24 hours of the event.

  • RSO events are submitted via ShockerSync using the COVID-19 Event Roster Form
  • Rosters should include:
    • Last name
    • First name
    • WSU ID
    • Preferred phone number

Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, all requirements and approvals are subject to change at any time. This includes a required cancellation of a scheduled event.  Therefore, it is recommended to avoid making financial commitments.

Religious facilities are exempt from the mass gathering guidelines. RSOs affiliated with a religious organization conducting religious services within the organization’s facility may exceed the limitations on group attendance.

Failure to abide by this applicable WSU policy and/or this guidance may result in disciplinary action. 


Please contact Gabriel Fonseca via email at or (316) 978-3480. 

What has changed?

RSOs are now able to host events capped at 25 attendees through the normal approval process. Essential events are now capped at 100 attendees.


Attendence List Policy 

Due to the new COVID-19 policy, attendence lists are due 24 hours after the event. Here is the link to the Excel to fill out. Forms that are not fully filled out will not be accepted. Please turn in your form on Shockersync with this link

Provide Physical Barriers and Guides

Provide physical guides (i.e., tape on floors, signs on walls, etc.) to ensure individuals practice social distancing. Install physical barriers in areas where it is difficult for individuals to remain at least 6 feet apart.

Personal Protective Equipment
Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are expected to wear mask and appropriate PPE at all times, unless walking alone outdoors or working alone in a personal office space. At minimum, RSOs should continue to encourage participants/members to wear masks while attending events.
Depending on the event, staff may recommend additional PPE
Face Coverings

Students, faculty, staff and visitors must wear face masks or face coverings over their mouths and noses while on Wichita State University campuses in all hallways, public spaces (including outdoor spaces), classrooms and other common areas of campus buildings unless they are walking alone outdoors and not within 6 feet of anyone else;’ working alone in a personal office space; are in their individual room, suite, or apartment in campus housing; or are eating/drinking in a designated area (i.e., RSC, Shocker Dining, etc.). There are certain exceptions to this policy including, but not limited to children 5 years or younger, or those individuals who have documented disabilities (including mental health) that would prohibit the use of a face mask or face covering.

The direct link to the policy is here.

Designated Health and Safety Champions

Schedule/identify a “champion” or “champions” responsible for managing the health and safety “enforcement and accountability” during the event.

Information Tables 
Unfortunately at this time, tabling indoor will not be permitted. If your organization would like to table outside you can contact Event Services to reserve a table. 

Catering Guidelines are still in place. If the cost of the food is under $100 then it does not need to be through Chartwells or an approved caterer.

Cartwells has changed the way food is served either through prepackaged food or it being served by their staff. They will also be putting out a contactless catering guide soon. 

Please visit their website if you have any other questions. 

Off-Campus Events 

Capacity will be set by space capacity not to exceed the allowed amount by venue, Ad Astra or County plan or whichever is fewer.

  • You will have to report capacity numbers when you register your events.
  • Masks should be worn.
  • Social distancing should be enforced. 

Off-Campus events are allowed if they are essential to your organization and approved by the Dean of Students, Dr. Aaron Austin through ShockerSync. Please refer to the policy above for more details. 

University Wide Policy 

Here is the link to the University Wide policy that has put into place regarding events on campus. 

Virtual Meetings and Events 

Student Organizations are encouraged to conduct meetings and events virtually as a first option whenever possible. Resources for conducting virtual meetings and events are below.

Platforms for Virtual Events 

 There are many different platforms available to student groups to create successful virtual meetings and events. Look into different platforms before deciding what works best for your organization. 

Those platforms include: 

  • Zoom (Pro accounts can be requested)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Google Hangout 
Zoom Pro Account

Zoom Pro accounts allows the user to have unlimited meeting length and unlimited participants. 

Student Organization President's have the ability to request a Zoom Pro account by emailing

Zoom Pro accounts should be requested each semester by the President. 

Events on ShockerSync

Events should still be submitted on ShockerSync if they are virtual or in-person. 

Staying Connected 

There are different ways to keep your organization connected during this time. We would encourage you to find ways to foster community.

Some of those different ideas include:

If there are any questions that are not answered above please reach out to