Student Early Alert System (SEAS)

SEAS (Student Early Alert System) is the electronic tool for instructors to give timely feedback to students who may be in danger of failing a class.

How SEAS works:

  • SEAS is open for instructors to use for ALL students (including graduate students) for the ENTIRE semester
  • An alert can be raised on a student as soon as an issue appears.
  • While instructors are encouraged to enter alerts throughout the semester as needed to give timely feedback to students, reminders will be emailed out to instructors on the first, fifth, eighth and thirteenth weeks of the semester to continue using SEAS to help students.

SEAS Intervention Worksheet

  • Use this worksheet to assist in triaging students to the appropriate resource(s).
  • Whether they are lacking in the academic, personal, financial, involvement or technology department(s), this worksheet provides a handful of resources for each.

Need help?
For questions about SEAS, please contact Heidi Rodrick, Assistant Director of Academic Success Programs, at or 316-978-3298.