Students define success differently. The mission of Student Success is to help all students maximize their potential and reach their personal goals through a range of support and services, from orientation to graduation.

Students at graduation

Your success is our success.

Our goal is to help students develop skills and plans to graduate in a timely manner while engaging with our community of learners. We are passionate about helping students, and expect students to work hard to be successful.

Our services are offered primarily in person but we are able to accommodate remote appointments, depending on the circumstance. Contact us if you need an appointment outside of business hours.

Location: Neff Hall, room 115
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone: (316) 978-3209
Campus Box: 97


We are here for you. 

We serve students in all academic majors, regardless of class or academic standing, through a coordinated network of many campus partners. We know navigating the university can be overwhelming, and we are eager to help you reach your goals.

For assistance with your online classroom experience, visit the remote student website.

If you need help managing anxiety or support for your mental health, please visit our partners in Counseling and Prevention Services.

If you are concerned about yourself or another member of our Shocker Community, please submit a concern with our Care Team.


Shocker Secrets to Success

Ever wonder how the other students seem to have it all together? Most likely, they have learned to succeed and survive the hard way. We've collected a number of resources right here to help you understand the secrets to success and help navigate the "hidden curriculum" - the things we assume you already know.