To become a regional and national leader in the following student success functional areas:

First-Year Programs

NASPA Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community Outstanding New Professional Award: Eiran Saucedo-Rodarte

2024 - Region IV Conference

Outstanding NODA Orientation, Transition, and Retention Professional: Kim Sandlin

Best Undergraduate Educational Session, "Is It Accessible? Is it REALLY Accessible?": Annie Wasinger

Most Creative Solution in Case Studies: Hafsa Sadaf

Best Presentation in Case Studies: Kate Potter

Outstanding Innovative Retention Program Award: Winter Welcome

Six educational session presentations submitted and accepted:

"Networking in 2024: Building Meaningful Connections During Orientation and Beyond", Austin Helgerson and George Giem

"Is It Accessible? Is it REALLY Accessible?", Annie Wasinger

"Language Diversity Matters: Improving Orientation for Non-Native English Speakers", Hafsa Sadaf

"The Struggle is Real: Rebuilding and Rebranding Your Orientation Leader Team", Kaelyn Hannah

"Let's Talk about it: Equality vs. Equity", Juan Gurrola

"Silent Expression: Decoding Body Language and Understanding Non-Verbal Communication", Trinity Madden

2023 - Region IV Conference

Sprit of NODA Award

Outstanding Innovative Transition Program Award: Syllabus Party

Second Place Finish in Case Studies - New Orientation Leaders

Seven educational session presentations submitted and accepted.

Three NODA/Keynote Talks submitted and accepted: Stephanie Cockrell, Natanya Ordoñez, Kaelyn Hannah

2019 - Region IV Conference

NODA Region IV Educational Showcase Winner (Best Overall): "Is Your Orientation Program Accessible?", Kim Sandlin and Shareika Fisher

2016 - Region IV Conference

Outstanding Innovative Program Award: Clash of the Colleges

2015 - Region IV Conference

Outstanding Brochure or Booklet

Success Coaching

2024 NASPA Success Coaching Knowledge Community Success Coach of the Year: Chelsea Dey

2023 - 2024 NASPA Success Coaching Knowledge Community Region IV-W Board Representative: Kim Sandlin

All coaches are either Certified Academic Life Coaches or pursuing certification through Coach Training EDU.

Two coaches are Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC).


The mission of Student Success is to help all students maximize their potential and reach their personal goals through a range of support and services, from orientation to graduation.


Ethics that guide our work.