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Shocker Family Programs

Starting a college career can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Wichita State University offers a number of resources to help students make a successful transition to life as a Shocker. We are here to help your student transition academically and socially to campus by connecting them with the people, services, and support they need to get them to graduation and beyond.

Use this site as a tool to stay informed about campus news and events, deadlines, and resources to encourage your student's academic success and well-being.

We are here to encourage your student's well-being and academic success while at Wichita State. If you ever need to reach us, please call 316-978-3149 or email shocker.family@wichita.edu.



Looking Ahead

By now, students have likely established routines and are discovering what is working well and what things they may need to change to ensure their success. This self-reflection will be important for them as they begin to look ahead and plan for next semester. Course registration will open in November, and students will want to enroll in their courses as soon as possible to stay on track with their degree plan. It's recommended that students try to see their advisors if they haven't already to assist with the schedule-planning process. Course enrollment may come with concerns about paying for the spring semester. It’s a good idea for students to revisit their spending plan and set realistic goals for their spending for the rest of the year.

How Can Families Help?

  • Students have taken many steps toward gaining independence. Remember that this process is critical to their development, and that the important thing is not that they got everything right, but that they are learning from any mistakes they might have made along the way.
  • Although students may be functioning more independently now, remember to continue checking in with them to offer support when necessary.
  • Check in with your student the first week of November and remind them that course enrollment for the spring semester is approaching. It’s best to set an appointment with their academic advisor early so that they can get enrolled in the classes they need to graduate on time.
  • Encourage your student to visit the Office for Student Money Management (Neff Hall, room 115) to review their monthly spending plan. They may be able to identify some areas in which they can reduce their spending if money is starting to run low.
  • Sit down with your student over the holiday break and help them re-evaluate their college financial plan for the upcoming semester/year. A helpful tool to evaluate their financial plan can be found at wichita.edu/osmm.
  • If you have the means, consider visiting your student and treating them to a trip to the grocery store or sending them back to school with some extra food when visiting home for the holidays. Students may not want to admit they’ve mismanaged their money, and a diet of ramen noodles won’t serve them well during finals week!



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