Chapter Housing Facility

Ten out of our twenty-five fraternities and sororities have a chapter facility that is off-campus.  Out of those ten facilities, seven of our fraternities and sororities have facilities that people can live within.  We often receive many questions about chapter facilities, so here is some information that is applicable to ALL chapter facilities:

  1. ALL chapter facilities are located off-campus.  However, all facilities are within walking distance to campus.
  2. ALL chapter facilities are privately owned and are not owned by Wichita State University.  All chapter facilities are operated by a Housing Corporation that is comprised of fraternity/sorority alumni, national representatives, and current students within the fraternity/sorority.  The Housing Corporation works with representatives from the national organization to make sure the facilities are up-to-code, clean, and safe.
  3. ALL chapter facilities are inspected by the State Fire Marshall annually.
  4. ALL chapter facilities are alcohol and substance free.
    Alpha Phi house

    Alpha Phi Sorority

    Year Built: 1977
    Square Footage: 9,000
    Live-In Spaces: 9

    Delta Gamma house

    Delta Gamma Sorority

    Year Built: 1976
    Square Footage: 4,456
    Live-In Spaces: 0

    Delta Delta Delta house

    Delta Delta Delta Sorority

    Year Built: 1977
    Square Footage: 2,804
    Live-In Spaces: 0

    Gamma Phi Beta house

    Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

    Year Built: 1977
    Square Footage: 3,623
    Live-In Spaces: 0

    Kappa Kappa Gamma house

    Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

    Year Built: 1958
    Square Footage: 3,664
    Live-In Spaces: 7

    Beta Theta Pi house

    Beta Theta Pi Fraternity

    Year Built: 1920
    Square Footage: 11,054
    Live-In Spaces: 46

    Delta Upsilon house

    Delta Upsilon Fraternity

    Year Built: 1910
    Square Footage: 5,000
    Live-In Spaces: 16

    Phi Delta Theta fraternity house

    Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

    Year Built: 1993
    Square Footage: 23,500
    Live-In Spaces: 30

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon house

    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

    Year Built: 1960
    Square Footage: 10,000
    Live-In Spaces: 16

    Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity house

    Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity

    Year Built: 2011
    Square Footage: 12,520 
    Live-In Spaces: 32