We understand that your child joining a fraternity or a sorority might make you nervous.  We want to answer all of your questions about how this can be a positive experience for your child and how our community can benefit them.

What is Greek Life?

We prefer to use "Fraternity and Sorority Life" or "FSL."  Our FSL community is comprised of 21, social Greek-letter, values-based organizations.  It is a group of students that are bound together by common values, goals and unique friendships.  They are bonds that last a lifetime.

Will joining a Greek organization affect my child's grades or school work?

We certainly hope not, in fact, we hope it improves it.  Academic Achievement is held to a high standard in our community.  In order to join a fraternity or sorority at Wichita State, you have to have a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA.  Our chapters encourage academic achievement by hosting study sessions with members, rewarding you when you do well, and encouraging you through a rough class.

What about hazing?

Hazing is illegal and is not promoted or tolerated at Wichita State University.  Hazing is a way for members to hold power and control over other members and does not have any place in our community.  We are a community built on love and respect.  Any organization accused of hazing is sent to our Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to be investigated.

Does my child have to live in a fraternity/sorority house?

Absolutely not.  We encourage your child to weigh that option and pursue that if they choose to.  Our chapter facilities have limited capacity on how many they can house.  If your child is interested, we encourage them to talk to their chapter president once they join about their options.

Are Greek organizations expensive?

A fraternity/sorority is a financial commitment and we hope that your child does their research before they join.  There are membership dues that are associated with each fraternity or sorority.  Many of our chapters offer payment plans and scholarships to help subsidize the cost.

Are there any chapters on a disciplinary status?

All disciplinary sanctions can be viewed through the website of our Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

View the list here