General Timeline

Prior to Placement

1. Review the NSE Student Guide (pick up from the Cohen Honors College, Shocker Hall Building A) and create a brief list of institutions to which you are interested in exchanging.

  • Be sure you consider only schools that operate on a home payment plan.
  • Remember to utilize the information for each school on including campus detail information, program information and placement statistics.
  • If you are in a program such as Business that requires you to attend a school with specific area accreditation, be sure to research your schools ahead of time.
  • While some scholarships are applicable toward exchange, please be sure to check with your department head and/or Financial Aid to ensure retainability of awards. 
  • Consult with your academic advisor to help identify appropriate exchange options.
  • In recent years, course selection has become more complex and course offerings at host campuses have decreased. Please be aware that students requiring very specific courses may have extreme difficulty with course selection while on exchange.
  • As you select schools, be sure to keep certain factors in mind: How long do you want to exchange? Do your host selections allow for single semester or mid-year placements? Are you required to live on-campus? Is there any on-campus housing available? Is your major offered? Is it limited?
  • Discuss NSE participation with family, friends and former exchange participants.
  • REMEMBER: You must check out for information about your choice schools, but DO NOT contact the host coordinator of any school until you have been placed to attend that school!

2. Complete the application and pay the $200 fee by February 1.

3. Attend a personal interview with the NSE coordinator. You will be contacted to schedule your interview. 

4. File the FAFSA for federally funded financial aid by the deadline. You should indicate on your FAFSA you are still attending WSU. 

Immediately Following Placement at the March Conference

  1. Sign and return the Placement Acceptance Form to WSU's NSE Office.
  2. Read all information sent by host coordinator and meet all specified deadlines.
  3. Complete an advising agreement governing how courses will be accepted by WSU.
  4. Consult with Financial Aid to adjust your aid for the budget of your host campus.

Prior to Exchange

  1. Review and complete registration materials for the host campus by the specified deadlines.
  2. Be sure current summer address is on file in the Wichita State NSE Office.
  3. Register for the Wichita State NSE "dummy course." These instructions will be provided to you in May (for fall exchange) and December (for spring exchange). Follow those instructions carefully.
  4. Register for classes at the host campus.
  5. Pay tuition and fees to Wichita State. Keep a copy of your receipt for your host coordinator.

During Exchange

  1. Notify host coordinator when you arrive on campus. Forward host campus address to host and WSU campus coordinators. It is CRUCIAL you keep both NSE offices up-to-date regarding contact information. You are still a student at Wichita State, so the University needs current contact information for you--including for the summer prior to exchange. 
  2. Become familiar with your host coordinator and how to contact him or her. If you were to experience troubles while on exchange, your host coordinator will be your first contact. When you arrive on campus, make it a point to visit with the coordinator and get to know him or her.
  3. The final day to make changes to the number of hours you are enrolled in at WSU and still receive a refund will be the same date as posted in the course schedule. As a NSE student, you will be eligible for a 100 percent refund up to this date, after which no refund will be issued. Also be sure you are aware of the consequences of dropping a class at your host institution. If you decide to add a class, therefore increasing the total number of credit hours you are enrolled in, the same deadlines for adding classes will apply (as listed in the course schedule), and yes, you must pay for the additional credit hours.
  4. Once registration begins at WSU for the next semester, you will re-enroll in the WSU "dummy course" (if you are slated to exchange for another semester). We will send the section numbers to you when they are available.

Returning to Wichita State

Request your transcripts be forwarded from your host campus directly to the WSU NSE coordinator.