Shocktoberfest Competitions

Shocktoberfest is a time to embrace what it means to be a Shocker! The spirit competition represents camaraderie, community and a sense of belonging. There are multiple ways for students, groups, faculty/staff, and the community to join in on a few fun and friendly competitions.

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Individual Competitions Spirit Competition Registration Form


The following list of competitions are eligible for individual event registrations. There are opportunities for individual students, faculty, staff, and departments, and student organizations. We hope you find something that works for you and your schedule. Groups wishing to compete in the multiple events including the Parade should visit the Spirit Competition section.

Banner Decorating Competition

Groups will decorate a 4'x8' banner to be displayed around campus. Winning group to receive a $100 award. $60 entry fee to cover the banner expense.

Who can compete | Any student group, Spirit Competition Teams

General Information

  1. The banner competition is designed to display the creative skills and abilities of WSU students by creating an artistic banner showcasing Shocker pride at Wichita State University.
  2. A 4’ (long) x 8’ (wide) vinyl banner with grommets (holes) must be used. Groups may purchase a new banner for $60.00.
  3. Groups should use waterproof materials and keep the banner 2D because the banner may be displayed in an outdoor location. Please refrain from using glitter. The Traditions Committee reserves the right to discontinue the display of a banner if it does not sufficiently withstand the weather conditions.
  4. Although the utmost care will be taken with the banners, the Traditions Committee cannot assume responsibility for banners with wet paint or materials adhered to them nor can we ensure the safety of your banner as they are displayed publicly with limited security.
  5. Banners will be available for pick up between Wednesday, October 11 – Friday, October 13, in SEAL Office, RSC Room 216. Banners are not picked up during this time will become property of SEAL and will be discarded.


  1. Banners are due Wednesday, September 27 by 5 p.m. in SEAL Office, RSC Room 216. Banners that are turned in after 5 p.m. may be hung but will not be judged. The Traditions Committee will determine if any late banners will be hung.
  2. The Traditions Committee will review theme ideas in order to determine if there is any inappropriate content. Banner theme ideas are due Tuesday, October 2 by 5 p.m.
  3. No computer generated artwork will be allowed on the banners.
  4. The Traditions Committee reserves the right not to display any banner that is deemed inappropriate.


  1. The banner should showcase “Wu’s 75th Birthday”
  2. The name of the sponsoring group must be clearly seen and spelled out on the banner. (Greek letters are allowed, but the organization’s name must still be spelled out.)
  3. Shocktoberfest 2023 must appear somewhere on the banner.

Banner Scoring Rubric
Judging Criteria Point Range with 10 being the highest
Originality/Creativity 0-10
Correlation to Theme "Wu's 75th Birthday 0-10
Quality of Workmanship 0-10
Meets the Requirements 0-10
Overall Impression 0-10
Maximum Points 50

Registration is captured on one form listed at the end of this page.

Door Decorating Competition

Individuals and departments are encouraged to show their Shocker Pride and celebrate Wu’s 75th Birthday. Individual winners will receive a $50 Shocker Store Gift Card and the winning department will receive $100 towards an office party. 

Who can compete | Individual Faculty/Staff, On-Campus Residents, Departments

General Information

  1. Any WSU department, individual staff member, or on-campus resident(s) may compete by decorating doors on campus to promote both Shocktoberfest and school spirit.
  2. No themes are assigned so door decoration themes are up to the discretion of the department or individual. Door decoration must promote Shocker Pride.
  3. Judging will take place the week of Shocktoberfest and you will be notified in at least 24 hours in advanced of the judging committee’s arrival.
  4. The office of the winning door will receive an office party valued at $100 to be arranged at a later date.
  5. Individual award recipients will receive a $50 Shocker Store Gift Card.


  1. Department/Faculty/Staff Door decorations must be finished by Friday, September 29 at 5 p.m. and remain on display through Friday, October 6.
  2. On-Campus Resident(s) decorations must be finished by Sunday, October 1 at 10 p.m. and remain on display through Friday, October 6.
  3. Use materials that will not damage doors and/or walls. Painters tape is recommended. Use caution when using/removing command strips.
  4. The door used must remain fully operational with decoration.
  5. All materials should be flame resistant.
  6. Trees and greenery must be artificial and flame resistant.
  7. Any lights used must by UL - approved and low wattage.
  8. Fire alarm pull stations, fire extinguisher cabinets, smoke detectors, and exit signs must not be covered and exits must not be blocked.
  9. No cords for electricity or other purposes are allowed under doors or across/in hallways.


  1. The decoration should celebrate “Wu’s 75th Birthday”
  2. Shocktoberfest 2023 must appear somewhere on the decoration.
Door Decorating Scoring Rubric
Judging Criteria Point Range with 10 being the highest
Originality/Creativity 0-10
Correlation to Theme "Wu's 75th Birthday 0-10
Quality of Workmanship 0-10
Meets the Requirements 0-10
Overall Impression 0-10
Maximum Points 50

Registration is captured on one form listed at the end of this page.

Shocker Volleyball v. Temple RSO Attendance Competition

Calling all student organization members! Let's support our Women's Volleyball and fill Koch Arena!!! Update your ShockerSync rosters. Members must be listed on your official RSO page to be eligible.

Who can compete | Recognized Student Organizations, Spirit Competition Teams

General Information

  1. Any group registered for the Spirit Competition or Recognized Student Organization is eligible to win.
  2. Individuals may only represent a Spirit Team or RSO, they can not sign in for both. Individuals who sign in for both will be disqualified and removed from the competition.
  3. Individuals who check-in must be listed on their Spirit Team Roster or have membership on the groups ShockerSync Page.
  4. The winning group will receive a Party in Shocker Sports Grill & Lanes valued at up to $200.

Winning Group

  1. Groups with 81-100% of their roster/membership are eligible to win.
  2. Groups who meet the above criteria will be entered into a drawing.

Registration is not required for this event.


Individuals, groups, departments, and community are welcome to enter the Shocktoberfest Parade. Accepted entries include but are not limited to walking units, dance teams, decorated cars, carts, and floats. There is a $25 entry fee, that fee is waived for groups competing in the Spirit Competition.

Four awards will be given out, each valued at $500.

Read the rules and register on the Parade & Patio Party page.

Learn more


Groups of students wishing to compete in the Spirit Competition must compete in the Parade. The $25 registration fee for the parade will be covered by Student Engagement, Advocacy & Leadership. Additional participation in competitions and events increases a group’s chances of obtaining points toward the Spirit Competition.

To participate in the Spirit Competition a Group Must

  • Designate a Captain – a student representative communicating on behalf of the group
  • Have a Team Roster of 8 – 60 current Wichita State Students
  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Determine what events they are participating in using the Shocktoberfest Roster Template
  • Represent themselves in a positive manner
  • Have Fun!



Trophies, awards, and monetary prizes are awarded at many of the Shocktoberfest events. All participating groups are eligible for any of the awards that are provided by participating sponsors at individual events.

Points earned from participation and competing in events will result in three winning teams. Teams with the highest points at the end of Shocktoberfest will be awarded prize money in the following amounts. 

Spirit Competition Awards
Place Amount
1st Place $1000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $250
Role of the Captain
  • Serves as a liaison between the Traditions Committee and members of the team they represent.
  • Communicates to their team all rules, policies and updates concerning changes in schedules.
  • Ensures all event or competition fees are paid on behalf of the team.
  • Obtains any waivers, forms or documentation needed for an event.
  • The Captain will be the point of contact in the event of an incident, infraction and/or breach of the student code of conduct made by one or the whole of the team.
Team Roster

The Captain of  Spirit Competition team will need to download the SHOCKTOBERFEST TEAM ROSTER file which must be completed and submitted to SEAL


  • Page 1 – ROSTER | You will need first name, last name, and WSU ID of all team members.
  • Page 2 – EVENTS | Indicate which events your team will be participating in. The Parade is selected for you.
  • Page 3 - BIG PINK VOLLEYBALL | If you are participating, list your 7 players on this tab
  • Page 4 – PARADE ROSTER | Entries may have up to 25 participants. Use this page to track your volunteers.
  • Page 5 – SCORE SHEET | This will help your team follow the scoring process through the week.

Only individuals listed on the team’s official ROSTER will be permitted to participate in events, including participation events, if the group is competing in the Spirit Competition.

Individuals may only serve on and or represent one competing team and are not permitted on multiple rosters.

Download Team Roster

Participation Points

Participation points are earned through events and competitions. This section explains how points are calculated for events where attendance is required.

A check-in table will be at each event where participation points are earned. We will use the official roster and the individual must sign-in with their WSU ID. The ID on the card much match the name and id provided on the official roster.

Event Scoring


Groups who compete but do not place in an individual event are still eligible for points towards the Spirit Competition.

Example: 6 teams compete in a dodgeball tournament. Only 4 of the 6 are participating in the Spirit Competition. The Spirit Competition Teams are ranked separately based on their performance in the overall event. 

Scoring Example
Teams Award at Event Points Earned
Individual Team 1st n/a
Spirit Competition Team 2nd 20
Individual Team 3rd n/a
Spirit Competition Team 4th 15
Spirit Competition Team 5th 10
Spirit Competition Team 6th 5


Eligible Points

The following table outlines the maximum amount of points that can be earned through participation in individual events. These points all count towards the Spirit Competition.


Scoring Rubric
Event Max Points Participation 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Banner 20 5 20 15 10
Wu's Birthday Bash 20 2 pts per person up to 10 individuals x x x
Dine with the Deans 20 2 pts per person up to 10 individuals x x x
Big Pink Volleyball 20 5 20 15 10
Parade 20 5 20 15 10
Shocker Volleyball v. Temple 20

6-25% of Roster | 5 points
26-55% of Roster | 10 points
56-80% of Roster | 15
81-100% of Roster | 20 Points

x x x
Wu's Big Event 20 2 pts per person up to 10 individuals x x x
Total 140        

Points from all events participated in will be totaled to determine the Shocktoberfest Spirit Competition winners. 

In the event of a tie for the Spirit Competition, the team with the most 1st place finishes throughout the week will be named the winner. If a tie remains, then 2nd place finishes will be counted. If a tie still remains, then 3rd place finishes will be counted. If a tie still remains, the team which participated in the most events will be named the winner.

Dates & Deadlines


Spirit Competition Dates & Deadlines
Event Date/Deadline
Team Registration Wednesday, September 27 | midnight
Registration Link
Captains Meeting Thursday, September 28 | 5 p.m.
RSC 265, Lucas Room
Team Roster

Friday, September 29 | noon
Submit via email

Parade Information

Friday, September 29 | noon
Submit via email

Winners Announced

Shocker Madness
Saturday, October 7 | 6 p.m.
Charles Koch Arena



Alma Mater
Our Alma Mater Wichita,
Stands Proudly on the hill.

Our sons and daughters bow to thee,
Our hearts with praise we fill.

Then, hail! Our Alma Mater!

Hail, Thee, grand and true,
Long wave the Yellow and the Black,
O Wichita, Here’s to you!



The following form is used to capture information for individuals, departments, and groups wishing to compete in the Spirit Competition.

Register here