Student Event Policy Guidelines

Student Event Guidelines
All Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) have access to reservable space at Wichita State University for hosting programs, events and meetings. For the convenience of RSOs, applicable policies and forms are set forth herein to describe the process for successful reservation and events on and off campus.

Planning quality events is an important aspect of any student organization. Below are some requirements and tips to help you in the planning process. Please note that there is a difference in required documentation for events off-campus.

Please remember any large event (defined below) sponsored by an RSO requires an Event Registration Form available online through ShockerSync. The completed form needs to be submitted at least ten (10) business days in advance of the event. Please note that this form is only electronic and you must allow two (2) business days for processing.

On-Campus Meetings
Any RSO can reserve campus space through the University Event Services Office located in the Rhatigan Student Center (RSC) for most academic spaces at WSU or space within the Rhatigan Student Center. On-campus events also include events held at, but not limited to, the Hughes Metropolitan Complex, Heskett Center, Athletic Facilities, Marcus Welcome Center, Ulrich Museum, Fine Arts Building and National Institute for Aviation Research.

Event Registration Guidelines
Any group planning to host an event that meets the below mentioned parameters must complete a RSO. Event Registration Form in its entirety, ensuring that all officials are in agreement with the expectations and execution of plans. This form and the entire event planning process must be completed in its entirety at least ten (10) business days prior to your event. The event review process is electronic and a part of the ShockerSync event creation. The following are variables that help define a large event:

  • Over 100 people will be attending
  • Money will be exchanged
  • Event is open and/or marketed to the general public
  • Alcohol will be served
  • Food will be served
  • Event requires the RSO to enter into a contract with another entity
  • A controversial/political topic may be discussed
  • Event is outdoors and on-campus
  • Event is publicized (more than three of the following items are used: Facebook, poster, handbill, texting message, website, formal invitation, Twitter, organizational calendar, information table)

On-Campus Events
For on-campus events, RSOs are expected to have tentatively reserved the space and submit the completed Event Registration. The RSO Event Approval Committee (University Police, Dining Services, University Event Services and Student Involvement) will review risk management procedures and any relevant policies for the event. The committee will reserve the right to require additional information or materials from any organization if there are additional concerns or questions other than those listed.

Off-Campus Events
For off-campus events, RSOs will be provided with a supplemental checklist for review between event coordinators and venue staff prior to attending the RSO Event Approval Committee Meeting. The checklist will ensure that upon attendance at the committee meeting, students have prepared adequate information on venue: capacity, security, risk management and administration; event attendance, crowd management and event details.