About Our Records

The following materials were provided for the public to view during SGA Senate meetings. All documents are in Word or PDF format. These materials are also available for public review in the Public Information Binder in the SGA Office RSC Room 219. Due to file size the SGA Journal containing our Constitution, Bylaws, Student Bill of Rights and Statutes is currently only available via the SGA website. A hard copy of the SGA Journal is available for public review in the SGA Office RSC Room 219. To access materials beyond what is provided here, please contact the SGA Chief of Staff at sga.cos@wichita.edu. This listing and the Public Information Binder is maintained and updated by the SGA Chief of Staff on a weekly basis. 

The Rules and Regulations Manual

"We, the students of Wichita State University, believe that having certain collective authority, we are charged with the accompanying inescapable responsibility to further a democratic community marked by mature citizenship, habits, attitudes, and skills; and recognizing that this degree of responsibility will be manifested in the total community when we, as individuals, take our places there; do herein define and organize this collective authority into a student association and, by this constitution, guarantee that our use of it will always be in harmony with our trust." (Preamble from the Constitution of the Student Body)

The Rules and Regulations Manual serves as the governing documents of the Association and includes:

  1. The Constitution of the Student Body,
  2. The Student Bill of Rights,
  3. The Bylaws of the Association, and
  4. The Statues of the Association 

Amendments and Resolutions Templates

63rd Association Resolution serve as recommendations and requests from the Student Body through the Senate.

There are four main purposes to use an Association Resolution:

  1. Request the University look into the feasibility of applying your proposed solution
  2. Demand the University apply the proposed solution by a specific date
  3. Express discontent with a policy or decision made by University
  4. Formally recognize an individual for accomplishment, etc. 

63rd Senate Bill are the main format of legislation that is used by the Assocoation. It is used to make changes/amendments or new policies to governing documents such as the:

  1. Constitution, (Constitutional amendments requires an extra step facing approval of the Student Body during SGA elections or special elections.)
  2. Student Bill of Rights,
  3. Bylaws and Statutes (Statutes and Bylaws dictate how the SGA will accomplish the requirements set in the Constitution. )

Additionally, Senate Bills are used to formally nominate and appoint members of the Association to varios positions.

Student Fees

Wichita State’s Student Government Association (SGA) adopts annually the Student Services Fees allocation. The Student Services Fee support a variety of non-instructional student service activities, including services at the Heskett Center, the Counseling and Testing Center, the Rhatigan Student Center, Student Involvement, the Sunflower, and many more organizations, all of which provide extracurricular benefits for students.

Student Fees Binder FY2020

Other Records