Advance industry and community partnerships to provide quality educational opportunities and collaboration to satisfy rapidly evolving community and workforce needs.

The University's progress and commitment to expanding partnerships and engagement with the community is evident through the success of the 8,029 work-based applied learning positions provided. Through partnerships and engagement, Wichita State is focused on developing applied learning opportunities that not only enhance the educational opportunities for our students but also support the economic, health, and cultural needs of our communities.

Strategic Plan Objectives


Strategic Plan Objectives Key Performance Indicators Baseline1 Academic Year 20222
Deepen partnerships with P-12 educational providers such as USD 259, on initiatives supporting educational experiences and achievement, access to higher education, and preparation for the workforce and community engagement. High School Programs BAASE, Career Technical Education Pathways in Engineering and Teacher Education
Applied Learning When it comes to bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world experience, nobody offers more opportunities than Wichita State. Thanks to our location in Kansas' largest city, Shockers in every major can gain the skills, connections and confidence needed for career success—before graduation—with employers in virtually every industry. These opportunities prepare the Wichita State candidate for the workforce and engage the candidate in the community: 1)applied learning placements - paid,  WSU-facilitiated jobs with local industry partners that build skills that go beyond classroom learning, 2) Co-ops - paid, multi-semester jobs, related to the student's major, and student can ­earn academic credit, 3) Internships are paid or unpaid work experience in professional settings, with academic credit and zero-credit options, completed full time or part time.
Collaborate with other higher education institutions on initiatives enhancing student educational opportunities and supporting the economic, health and cultural needs of our communities Number of articulation agreements Agreements signed: 25
Total agreements in force: 72
Agreements Signed: 6
Total Agreements in force: 98
WSU Tech new to WSU 282 318
Work-based Applied Learning on-campus and off-campus positions 6,549 8,029
Work-based Applied Learning (Employed Student Salaries) $27.5 M $28M
Internships in field of study (Applied Learning Internships)* 1,925 2,068
Grow relationships with business partners to generate new applied learning and research opportunities Shocker Career Accelerator Student experiences Shocker Career Accelerator hosted 19 major on-campus recruitment events featuring 353 total employers.
Employers Engaged Employers conducted 278 on-campus interviews.
Student Activity in Handshake (WSU’s Online Job Board & Career Platform)
  • 53,935 Student Logins
  • 40,284 student applications submitted for jobs and applied learning opportunities
  • 11,139 professional documents uploaded including resumes, cover letters, etc.
Regional Employer Activity in Handshake (WSU’s Online Job Board & Career Platform)
  • 92,137 total part-time, full-time employment opportunities posted
  • 19,959 were applied learning opportunities (co-ops/internships, on-campus and off-campus, and other applied learning experiences)
  • 61 Grad School
  • 133 Volunteer
Kansas Employer Activity in Handshake (WSU’s Online Job Board & Career Platform)
  • 6,206 total part-time, full-time employment opportunities posted in the State of Kansas
  • 1,149 KS were applied learning opportunities (co-ops/internships, on-campus and off-campus, and other applied learning experiences) in the State of Kansas
  • 17 KS Grad School
  • 20  Volunteer
Building additional bridges to further integrate community and business partners into campus environment and position the university as a more inviting place for members of the community to access resources and enjoy cultural activities. Small Business Clients supported; Kansas Small Business Development Center clients, workshops and attendees
  • 640 clients
  • 109 workshops
  • 1,077 workshop attendees
  • 415 clients
  • 76 workshops
  • 1,863 workshop attendees
Increase the quality of the students' undergrad and grad experience Service-Learning Academy 32 Community Orgs served by 78 students. 28 community organizations served by 73 students and 5 academic colleges
Embrace a mission of service by enhancing community and regional engagement
  • The Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) has expanded the number of economic outlook locations. 
  • The Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) under the leadership of Jeremy Hill hosted an Industry Research Exchange event, "Kansas Aerospace: Crash or Takeoff in 2022?" which addressed community economic issues by leveraging university and community experts. In partnership with community business leaders, the CEDBR business research staff discussed the current economic state of the aerospace industry within Kansas and explored current labor trends and highlight general, commercial, and military market demand. 
  • The university's community engagement efforts continue to be a main focus for faculty and staff with various initiatives in Shocker Neighborhood including the Shocker Neighborhood Promise Scholars, mobile food markets, Trunk or Treat, and WU Reads.
1 Baseline data is based on 2019 results.
2 AY22 Results represent Fall 2021, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022 academic semesters.
* Applied Learning Internships include Coop, internships, practicum and federal work study.


Air Force awards $100 million to continue WSU NIAR's B-1 Digital Engineering program

Wichita State earns APLU designation as an Innovation & Economic Prosperity institution

Wichita State receives $1 million in funding to assist local small businesses

ATF opening Crime Gun Intelligence Center of Excellence at Wichita State

NIAR WERX announces MRO program expansion with Erickson Precision Ventures

WSU awarded $51 million to advance smart manufacturing in South Kansas

Internships with Lockheed Martin and Toyota help student prepare for the future