The WSU Retiree Association is a body "of retirees, for retirees" working on behalf of former faculty and staff members to foster social interaction, continued educational and professional development, and greater engagement in the life of the university and its initiatives.

WSU President Rick Muma

A welcome from WSU President Rick Muma

It truly is a great time to be a Shocker! Lots of exciting things are happening for Wichita State — not the least of which are our efforts around supporting people at all ages and in all phases of their lives.

I know many retired faculty and staff want to stay connected with the university by attending Shocker athletic events, fine arts performances, lectures and seminars, and through the friendships you maintain with current WSU staff, faculty, and students. Now, with the formal establishment of the WSU Retiree Association, you’ll be able to learn about and more easily take advantage of all the perks available to retired Wichita State faculty and staff.

Your legacy and the contributions you made over the years endure and are part of what makes Shocker Nation what it is today. Please remember that you’re always welcome at Wichita State. You will forever be a Shocker, and Shocker Nation will forever be your home.


Dr. Rick Muma,
President, Wichita State University

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Shockers for life!

As a WSURA member, you will join a thriving community of former faculty and staff members and enjoy benefits ranging from free parking to health and fitness options to discounted dining and services.

Best of all - you're already a member. No signup needed!

Members may also choose to obtain a Retiree Shocker ID card to maximize access to resources across campus and throughout the Wichita area.

How to Get a Shocker ID Card

Retiree Definition: WSU policy defines a retiree as "a person who has retired from Wichita State University and plans to leave the workforce for good."


Retiree Perks

For questions about Retiree Benefits contact WSU Human Resources at


Free campus parking

WSU retirees now have the option of free, no-hassle access to parking in faculty/staff parking lots through the Shocker Parking Management System.

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Ablah Library bookshelves

WSU Libraries Access

With a WSU Retiree ID card, retirees maintain access to WSU Libraries, including free events and workshops.

Visit the Libraries website

Ride the Bus

Wichita Transit pass

Through the university's partnership with Wichita Transit, your WSU Retiree ID card will grant you free passage on all city buses and trolleys.

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Shock Stop icon

Shock Stop Discounts

Your Shocker Retiree ID Card is the gateway to discounted dining, entertainment and services at hundreds of business across Wichita through the Shock Stop program.

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Heskett Center

Fitness Facilities

Card-holding retirees receive an free annual membership to Campus Recreation with access to Heskett Center fitness classes and equipment, aquatics and more.

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Age-Friendly image

Age-Friendly Services

Retirees who are 60+ have access to WSU age-friendly services like free lifelong learning classes, free audited lecture classes, health care partnerships and recreational opportunities.

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WSURA Organizing Committee

The WSU Retiree Association Organizing Committee is a group of volunteers including both retirees and current faculty and staff members who are close to traditional retirement age that has been convened to envision the future of the retiree association.


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