Building the Innovation University

With the emphasis on innovation at Wichita State University, some may ask, why is the word “innovation” never used in Wichita State University's strategic plan? The answer is that the entire plan is about innovation. Innovation is thinking differently to develop new ways to fulfill the needs of those we serve. WSU's strategic plan articulates the desire to do what we do better.

At Wichita State University, the Innovation University and the Innovation Campus are related but not synonymous. The Innovation Campus refers to the development of the 150 acres of land formerly occupied by Braeburn Golf Course into a location that helps us live our values and fulfill our vision, mission, and goals; however, new buildings alone will not create an Innovation University. The Innovation University transformation is the ultimate fulfillment of Wichita State's strategic plan. It is transforming the world through:

  • guaranteeing applied learning or research experiences for students
  • pioneering interdisciplinary curriculum development
  • capitalizing on trends that increase quality educational opportunities
  • accelerating knowledge transfer
  • empowering students to create a campus culture that meets their needs
  • reflecting the evolving diversity of society
  • creating a new model of assessment, incentive, and reward processes

These goals can be accomplished every day on all parts of our campus. The development of the Innovation Campus may accelerate goal accomplishment, but it will not guarantee it. The strategic efforts of the members of the Wichita State community will guarantee WSU becomes the Innovation University.

Every day in our work at Wichita State University, we have two choices:

  1. We can engage and make things happen; or
  2. We can sit back and watch things happen around us.

Let's engage and transform our university into the Innovation University.