University Dashboards track public metrics related to the advancement of the strategic goals of the university.

Dashboard Categories

Inclusive Excellence imageInclusive Excellence

WSU seeks to be a campus that reflects and promotes — in all community members — the evolving diversity of society.

Student CenterednessStudent Centeredness

WSU seeks to promote holistic student success through a supportive learning environment in which all of our students — past, present and future — continually thrive and grow.

Campus Culture

Campus Culture

WSU seeks to empower students, faculty, staff and the greater Wichita community to create a culture and experience that meets their ever-changing needs.


WSU seeks to advance industry and community partnerships to provide quality educational opportunities and collaborations to satisfy rapidly evolving community and workforce needs.

Research and Scholarship imageResearch and Scholarship

WSU seeks to accelerate the discovery, creation and transfer of new knowledge.

Data index

Inclusive Excellence

  • Underrepresented Minorities
  • First-Generation Students


  • Enrollment, 1895-2019
  • Credit Hours, 1961-2019
  • Combined Enrollment, WSU and WSU Tech
  • I-35 Corridor Headcount, 2016-2019
  • Fall-to-Fall Retention Rate
  • First-Time-in-College 6-year Degree Completion
  • 6-year Graduation Rate
  • Annual Degree Production

Campus Culture

  • Affordability - Kansas Research Universities
  • Affordability - Regional Research Universities
  • Affordability - Peer Research Universities

Partnerships and Engagement

  • Licensing and Revenue
  • Disclosures
  • Percent of Graduates Staying in Kansas
  • Innovation Campus Partnerships
  • Employed Student Salaries
  • Employed Students
  • Applied Learning Internships

Research and Scholarship

  • Total Research and Development Expenditures
  • Research and Development Expenditures by Type

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