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Planning and Analysis diagram

Office of Planning & Analysis

The University community has three managed data systems from which to obtain information related to data for decision-making, planning and reporting.  Depending on the type of information needed, these data systems are:

  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling (BIPM).
  • University Assessment Data (UAD).
  • External Reporting Data (ERD). 

BIPM and UAD data are used to provide reports and analysis for internal decision-making and strategic planning.  ERD are data used to report to external entities such as the Kansas Board of Regents or IPEDS.

Consumer Information:

Federal law (Title IV) requires institutions that participate in federal financial assistance programs to provide an annual notice to enrolled students about the availability of required consumer information.  Below are data on retention/graduation rates and occupational/graduate studies outcomes of undergraduate students.  Financial consumer information can be found on the WSU Financial Aid website.