From one student to another: parking at WSU

  • Green ePermits are available to students for $75 per semester. Make sure you purchase one before classes begin to be able to park on campus without being fined.
  • If you receive a parking citation, resources like the Student Advocate can help you understand the process for paying fines or appealing citations.
  • The Student Government Association offers a program called Food For Fines, through which students can donate food to the Shocker Support Locker for the forgiveness of citations.

I’ve had a lot of time to learn how Wichita State works in the last three and a half years. In that time, the biggest issue I’ve regularly heard about is parking.

Over my course of studies at WSU, I’ve received two parking citations. One of those I thoroughly deserved, and the other I think I could have argued against, if I knew how to do that at the time.

Like me, you could pay the fine, but I want you to know that you have options before you have to do that. Here are some tips to help you avoid citations, and some options for you if you do happen to receive one.

First I would like to introduce you to my friend and colleague, Student Advocate Jozie Caudillo. She is a second voice in this article, and she has a wealth of resources for students seeking information and action on issues such as academics, health and parking.


Jozie can offer a lot of quick tips on how to avoid parking citations.

  • First and most importantly, purchase a green ePermit. Do this before classes begin, because regular parking rules apply on Aug. 19.
  • Green permits are for students and cost $75 per semester. Yellow permits are for faculty and staff only, and the lots are closed to students between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m on weekdays. Red permits are reserved for individuals who pay for them and the lots are restricted at all times.
  • You can apply one ePermit to more than one vehicle, but only one vehicle may bear your ePermit on campus at any time and you must the one driving the vehicle. Heads up - don't share your permit with anyone else. You will get a citation for that.
  • Backing into stalls obscures your license plate, which prevents WSU Parking Services from scanning them electronically. This could result in citations.
  • Jozie cautions that if you plan to park in the Rhatigan Student Center parking garage, park only for as long as you pay for using the pay stations. No, your parking permit does not apply to the garage.
  • Set a phone alarm for the time at which your parking garage ticket will expire. Make sure you leave before it expires.


In the unlikely event that you receive a citation, you have options if you don’t feel that it was just, or if you can’t pay for it.

  • You can take the parking quiz once per academic year to have the chance of your citation being forgiven. You must attach your parking quiz results to the appeal for the quiz to qualify.
  • Jozie encourages students to prepare as much detail and explanation as possible so they can have their citation forgiven.
  • It’s never guaranteed that the citation you appeal will be forgiven.
  • Student Government Association operates the Food For Fines program, through which students can pay for parking citations with donations to the Shocker Support Locker. The Locker is WSU’s campus food pantry in Grace Wilkie Hall, room 103.
  • Food For Fines takes place four times during the academic year, and up to five citations may be forgiven during each donation week. The next Food For Fines will take place in October.
  • Now that I've said all of that, pay attention to gameday parking. That changes things, so do yourself a favor and sign up for Shocker parking alerts.


For any parking appeal case, the Student Advocate is available to help. This is especially true if you feel that the citation is incorrect or if you would like to provide more reasoning for your parking choice. 

If a student has concerns with parking at Wichita State, they may contact Jozie at Questions for a citation? Email 

For faculty and staff who have parking concerns, contact Tanner Morrell, parking and transportation manager, at 


Just don’t park in a red stall. No one wants to pay $150.