About The Program

Food For Fines is an initiative to support the Shocker Support Locker, while providing a cheaper opportunity to pay parking citations. Please note that donations can only be accepted during the donation period listed on the right side of the screen. Parameters for this initiative include but are not limited to:

  • Any person with a current WSU ID is eligible
  • Up to two (2) citations may be forgiven, a total of six (6) citations/academic year per WSU ID
  • Only tickets $50 and under are eligible
  • Donate seven (7) items per $0-$30 ticket and donate 14 items per $31-$50 ticket
  • Citations cannot be older than two months
  • The parking quiz must be completed during each donation period
  • Only food and hygiene items listed on the donation form will be accepted
  • Only the most current donation form can be used. 

Supplies for Fines

Supplies for Fines is a spinoff to the Food for Fines initiative to help serve the population of Wichita State University, while supporting the Shocker Support Locker and meeting the current needs of students. The program runs Tuesday-Thursday during the first week of every month and up to two (2) citations may be forgiven per semester (fall and spring only) with a maximum of six (6) citations per academic year. Along with the donation, the parking quiz must be completed with each donation with printed or electronic proof (wichita.edu/parkingquiz).