From one student to another: Why we should register now for spring 2021 classes


Spring 2021 registration is here, and there’s no need to wait. In fact, registering as early as possible has several benefits for us as students. As a senior, I have experienced the stress of registering late for classes, and I understand now that signing up during the first week ensures that I am prepared for the next semester. There are advantages I’ve learned during my college experience and Lisa Hansen, director of OneStop Student Services and Stephanie Cockrell, a success coach from Student Success also shared some benefits with me. Check out this list of all the reasons you should register right now rather than later:  

You can coordinate your schedule with friends.

Registering now will give you the opportunity to secure classes with your friends. This means in the spring, you’ll have a friend to do homework or study with. Also, having classes with your friends makes class more enjoyable because you can walk to class together (safely distanced and with a mask, of course – you know the drill) or join virtual class together.

You’ll get the classes needed for your degree.

Sometimes, the classes you need to complete before graduation can fill up within the first week of registration. Especially if you’re a senior, you’ll want to make sure you register for classes as soon as you can to make sure you graduate on time.

You’ll have more class options.

Cockrell reminds us that registering early can give some freedom of choice in class delivery method and preferred time. In a semester like spring 2021, hybrid courses (HYB) will likely fill quickly so registering earlier will give you a better likelihood of getting some in-person interactions in the classroom.

Your winter break will be stress-free.

Registering now will free you from the added stress during your winter break. Not knowing your schedule can feel scary and uncertain, but if you register now, you won’t have to worry about what your spring 2021 class schedule will look like. Now more than ever, having at least a little bit of certainty for the future is important.

You’ll be able to get your desired schedule.

If you’re planning your class schedule around your work schedule or self-care schedule, you’ll need to register as soon as you can. Registering now provides us with more freedom and flexibility to secure the class times that we want. It allows us to map out our time for next semester, so we know our entire schedule early.

You’ll be prepared for any necessary tutoring or counseling services.

Lisa makes an important point that registering earlier will provide ample time to coordinate any resources like tutoring from the Shocker Learning Center or counseling from Counseling and Prevention Services before the semester begins. 

There are so many advantages to registering for class as soon as possible. Registering for spring 2021 classes now will prepare you for next semester, provide a sense of clarity for the future and will ensure you get the classes you need with people you know. If you are unsure about your current major or the classes needed for your degree, schedule an advising appointment. Your adviser will guide you to the right major and talk you through an academic plan that works best for you.

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