More than 2,400 Shockers are eligible for graduation in spring 2022. While each of their journeys is unique, they all share a common connection to Shocker Nation. Here's what some of our graduates have to say about their time at Wichita State and the future.


Shocker graduate stories


Rija Kahn

Rija Kahn served as Student Body President at Wichita State University and learned leadership skills. She plans on attending law school. Kahn has earned a degree in criminal justice.

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Chonnor Ludolph

Chonnor Ludolph was named Mr. Shocker at the athletic department’s Gold Carpet Awards in April, given to a senior who displays excellence in athletics, academics, character, service, and personal development. Ludolph will be receiving a degree in exercise science.

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Maria Romero Rodriguez

Maria Romero Rodriguez came to Wichita State University from Madrid, Spain to study and compete in the pentathlon and heptathlon for the track and field team. She will graduate in May with a degree in marketing.

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Chadrack Kamba Tshimanga

Chadrack Tshimanga Kamba learned how to balance work and school during his time studying mechanical engineering at Wichita State University.

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Lydia Humphreys

Lydia Humphreys is a graduate advisor at ShiftSpace Gallery, a student-run art gallery in downtown Wichita. Her experiences there played an important role in her education and time at Wichita State University. She will be receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on painting.

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Hannah Johnson

Hannah will graduate in spring 2022 with a degree in graphic design. She chose to attend Wichita State because of how Wichita State helps students find internships and hands-on learning experiences.

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Kaitlyn Cowen

Kaitlyn Cowen will graduate in spring 2022 with a degree in health management and health science. She chose to attend Wichita State because of its access and affordability.

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Tiffany Johnson

Tiffany Johnson balanced being a mom, a full-time student and a full-time job while attending WSU. She will be graduating with a bachelor or arts degree in psychology.

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Joshua Iron Wing

Joshua Iron Wing is an adult learner who will graduate in spring 2022 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting. He says he chose Wichita State because of the reputation of the W. Frank Barton School of Business.

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Kaitlyn Hemberger

Kaitlyn Hemberger is one of the first two student at Wichita State University to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

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Truc Nguyen

Truc Nguyen took full advantage of the professional and personal opportunities available to her during her time at Wichita State University. She will be graduating this spring with a degree in international business and marketing.

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Joshua Watts

Joshua Watts came to Wichita State from Oklahoma City because he was impressed with the university’s facilities and amenities. He will be graduating this spring with a degree in information technology and management information systems.

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Camille Brashears

Camille Brashears is an adult learner who will graduate in spring 2022. She says she chose to continue her education at Wichita State not only because it was affordable, but also because of the local pride surrounding WSU. She will graduate with a bachelor's of fine arts in graphic design.

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Nerea Makoli Quiros

Nerea Makoli Quiros encourages students to confidently ask for help from professors and classmates. Openness to new people and new experiences, she said, is a valuable part of college. She's graduating with a bachelor's of fine arts degree in graphic design.

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Madeline Shonka

Madeline Shonka, who will be graduating with a degree in health management, is an entrepreneur who started Co-Immunity, a health tech startup for people with chronic illnesses while a student at Wichita State.

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Samantha Rowan

Samantha Rowan is a first-generation student who will be graduating with a master's degree in aging studies with a concentration on administration. She plans to work with elderly after she graduates.

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Rola Khaleel

Rola Khaleel enjoyed the clinical experiences in audiology during her time at Wichita State University. She will use those lessons as she continues in her career.

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Emily Crawford

Emily Crawford earned her elementary education degree by way of the Teacher Apprentice Program while working full-time and raising five children.

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Cameron McGinley

Cameron McGinley’s work with machine learning with Dr. Sergio Salinas grew into one of the most rewarding parts of his education at Wichita State. McGinley earned his bachelor's degree in computer science and will attend the University of California, San Diego for a Master of Science in computer science.

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