Welcome to the School of Criminal Justice at Wichita State University. We offer degrees in criminal justice, forensic science, and homeland security.

Founded in 1934, the Criminal Justice program at Wichita State University is the second-oldest program of its type in the United States.

The CJ program works in cooperation with other disciplines in the WSU School of Criminal Justice to teach students to assimilate knowledge, acquire skills and develop professional judgment and behaviors appropriate for wise and ethical practice. Our faculty members are dedicated to graduating fully competent, skilled practitioners while remaining sensitive and responsive to the educational needs of each student. The School of Criminal Justice also offers degrees in forensic science and homeland security. There is also Army ROTC associated with the School of Criminal Justice.


Featured classes for criminal justice careers

Law Enforcement

  • CJ343 Special Investigations
  • CJ581AA Gun Crime in America
  • CJ517 Homicide Investigations

 Cyber Investigations

  • CJ435 / HLS435 Cybercrime
  • CJ601 Digital Investigations
  • HLS401 Cyber Security


Investigative Analysis

  • CJ581C Crime Analysis
  • CJ516 Profiling
  • CJ581M Criminal Mind and Behavior

Hot Topics

  • CJ581AB Juvenile Justice & Delinquency
  • CJ581Y Child Abuse and Neglect
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