Fairmount College of
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Advising Center

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Scheduled appointments will be in person, or via phone or Zoom upon request. Please contact the LAS Advising Center at 316-978-3700 option 2.

Office Contact

Name and Title Email Phone
Patricia Phillips, Director patricia.phillips@wichita.edu 316-978-5434
Nancy Krehbiel, Assistant Director nancy.krehbiel@wichita.edu 316-978-5810
Kathy Gale, Office Manager kathy.gale@wichita.edu 316-978-3573
Karime Castillo, Administrative Assistant karime.castillo@wichita.edu 316-978-3700,
option 2 

Graduate Certification Specialist

las.graduation@wichita.edu 316-978-3492
Exceptions Specialist las.exceptions@wichita.edu 316-978-3492

Academic Advisors and Faculty Contact

Name Education Email Phone
General Advising las.advisor@wichita.edu 316-978-3700,
option 2 
Kaytie Brozek MS College Student Personnel kaytie.brozek@wichita.edu 316-978-3562
Tony Calvert MFA Poetry tony.calvert@wichita.edu 316-978-3615
Nick Endicott* MA Anthropology – Linguistics nick.endicott@wichita.edu 316-978-3574
Nancy Krehbiel* M.Ed. Counseling nancy.krehbiel@wichita.edu 316-978-5810
Erin LeBegue* MA History erin.lebegue@wichita.edu 316-978-3609
Emily Mayagoitia MLitt-Art History: Dress and Textile Histories emily.mayagoitia@wichita.edu 316-978-3624

Nyssa Owens

MA English: Creative Writing nyssa.owens@wichita.edu 316-978-6628

Patricia Phillips

MA in Spanish Literature patricia.phillips@wichita.edu 316-978-5434
Angela Scott MA in Criminal Justice angela.scott@wichita.edu 316-978-3639

*Advisors marked with an asterisk are pre-med advisors.