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Find yourself on the front lines

The fully online BS in Homeland Security meets the growing U.S. demand for employees with expertise in the security field by preparing you for employment in operational, management and policy roles. If you’re just beginning your bachelor’s degree, you can complete the full program completely online. If your goal is to finish what you’ve started, transfer credits are accepted from regionally accredited institutions.

How much will it cost?

Students enrolled in a fully online program pay in-state tuition regardless of where they live, making it an affordable option. The tuition and fees will vary depending on how many semesters you take to graduate and how many credit hours you will need to complete in the program.

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How long will it take?

Undergraduate Program: For bachelor's degrees, time to completion depends on your schedule, transfer credits and the program you choose.

Graduate Programs: Most Master's degrees at WSU require between 30-36 credit hours. How quickly you finish is up to you.

What will transfer?

Credits from other regionally accredited colleges and universities will transfer to WSU. Credits will also be evaluated by your program of interest to see how many credits will count towards your major and how many will count as elective credits. Please note that if you have attended more than one higher education institution, you will need to submit an official transcript for each one. 

For undergraduate programs: Try the Transfer Gateway tool to help estimate how many credits will transfer over to Wichita State.

Learn: Where to send incoming transcripts

Class Structure

These programs are designed to be completed entirely online offering students the flexibility to learn on their own schedule (within a specific timeframe). Courses within an online program are likely asynchronous, allowing students to login independently of a set time to participate with instructional materials.

Some courses may be offered in 8-week blocks while other courses are in 16-week sections.

Homeland Security Online

About the program

The Bachelor of Science in homeland security is designed to provide preservice and in-service students with a broad educational background in all aspects of the homeland security field. The BS in homeland security is a four-year course of study grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, along with a core homeland security curriculum. 

WSU Catalog: BS Homeland Security

Core Courses
Course Title Hours
Core Courses for Major  
HLS 190 Introduction to Homeland Security 3
HLS 310 Emergency Management 3
HLS 312 Risk Assessment 3
HLS 320 Border Security 3
HLS 330 Legal Issues in Homeland Security 3
HLS 401 Cyber Security 3
HLS 403 Physical Security 3
HLS 405 Intelligence Process 3
CJ 407 Introduction to Research Methods 3
HLS 420 Terrorism 3
CJ 510 Crime and Transportation 3
Electives 3
Criminal Procedure  
Special Investigations  
Criminal Evidence: Mock Trials  
Immigration Policy and Politics  
The History of U.S. Homeland Security  
Private Security  
Digital Investigations  
Additional College Requirements  
ENGL 210 Composition: Business, Professional and Technical Writing 3
SPAN 212 Spanish for Law Enforcement 5
In lieu of SPAN 212, students may take 15 credit hours of foreign language.