Mrc and Grace Wilkie Annex

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Our student support staff is here and ready to help you navigate your academic journey! From finding the right classes to connecting you to financial aid and more, we are here to provide the guidance you need in order to make the most of your Shocker experience.

Adult Learning Office:150 Grace Wilkie Annex
Online Learning Office:152 Media Resource Center
Phone: (316) 978-7757

Academic Advisors

Brooke Allen

TAP Online Academic Advisor

(316) 978-6948

Jacquelyn Johnston

Director, Academic Advising Liberal Arts & Sciences Online Advisor

(316) 978-6305

John Sandlin

Health Professions Online Academic Advisor

(316) 978-7332

Tiffany Sowa

TAP Online Academic Advisor

(316) 978-5358

Nichole Woods

TAP Online Academic Advisor

(316) 978-6653

Online Admission Officers

Calvin Goering

Graduate School Admission Evaluator and Recruiter

(316) 978-6954

Savana Larrison

Admissions Evaluator

(316) 978-5169

OAL Staff

Dr. Amber Anderson

Associate Director Enrollment and Retention

(316) 978-3399

Dr. Pamela K O'Neal MA, MPH, EdD

Associate Director Student Engagement

(316) 978-8315

Noelle Wilson

Online Recruiting Coordinator

(316) 978-7757