Texas Shocker Spotlight: Lexi Jensen

Lexi JensenCourtesy photo
Texan Lexi Jensen likes Wichita State's proximity to her home, in-state tuition and campus assets such as the dorms and Steve Clark YMCA.

Lexi Jensen enjoys the amenities available in Wichita and the campus environment and academic offerings at Wichita State University. In her first months on campus, she dove into activities such as rowing and the Immersive Leadership Institute.

Shockers come from all over, and students from selected major metropolitan areas in Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas may be eligible to receive regular in-state tuition at Wichita State. Read what some out-of-state students have to say about why they chose WSU — and Wichita — as their new home.


Frisco, Texas


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How did you first hear about Wichita State University?

I first heard about Wichita State University when I was at the gym one night. I learned Collin County (Texas) students receive in-state tuition. I went home that night and looked up the school and was immediately interested.  

How did Wichita State compare to the other universities you considered attending?

Originally out-of-state college was out of the picture. I considered other universities such as University of North Texas and West Texas A&M because I liked the small-school feel.

Why did you choose WSU?

I decided WSU was going to be the best school for me because the campus has more going on around it than West Texas A&M, while also having the smaller school feel.

I also liked how close it was to home. I am only five hours from Dallas, and that is about how far West Texas is from my house, as well. The best plus was that I was going to be getting in-state tuition, which was what made this school a real possibility for me.

What are some of the opportunities and activities you've participated in at Wichita State?

WSU has many opportunities and activities you can partake in.

I attended the Immersive Leadership Institute right before classes started and that was a great opportunity to meet people before starting my college journey. It also provided space for self-reflection to be a better leader. Another activity I tried was the rowing team during my first month of college. It was a cool experience and allowed me to meet more people.

What were your perceptions about the city of Wichita before you visited for the first time? And how do those perceptions compare to your current perception of the city?

Before visiting Wichita State, I was excited to see it wasn’t a college town, but more based in a city. I did not know what to expect before visiting.

When I first visited the campus, I did not have much time to explore the surroundings, so I thought there was not going to be much to do. Living here I know that that is not true. There are a lot of cool places near campus and there is plenty of shopping, lunch places, and diners.  

What would you tell someone who's considering Wichita State?

Something I would tell someone who is considering attending Wichita State is it is a great school, it's in the middle of being small and big.

I was very impressed with the dorms. I also loved that there is a nice YMCA on campus we all can use. If do not have a car you have everything you need on campus. WSU offers many majors, and it really feels like a community here with all the help and support you get as a student.

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