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Student success spotlight:  Gregory VanDyke Jr. 

Wichita State is calling on all faculty and staff to align behind a Student Enrollment Management initiative to increase retention, persistence and graduation rates for all students.

Today’s Student Success and Persistence highlight comes from senior Gregory VanDyke Jr.

Junior, as he’s more well known, is a criminal justice major, minoring in political science, organizational leadership and learning, and an honors track in leadership.

Junior found that becoming more involved in campus activities and leadership helped him get a better sense of who he is. But it was the guidance he received from a WSU faculty member that got him to that point.

“I will say that meeting Dr. Chelsea (Redger-Marquardt) has been the most helpful learning experience here at Wichita State. While I have a strong strong passion for criminal justice, I still felt like there was an ounce of passion for something else that was being left out, and I could not pinpoint it. It was not until Dr. Chelsea took the time to pour into me that I realized that the ounce of passion I was missing was a passion for leadership. Ever since I picked up a leadership minor and leadership track, Dr. Chelsea has not only been beneficial in my learning experience at Wichita State, but she also has been very supportive in helping me to find something in myself that I did not see before.”

Chelsea says students like Junior make her job at Wichita State enjoyable.

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to connect with students each and every day, help them maximize their time at Wichita State, welcome them back as alumni, and see all the amazing things they are doing for our communities.”

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