Program Requirements

Exercise Science - Undergraduate

The exercise science program leads the way in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles at Wichita State University.

The Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science program requires the following

  • Admission to the College of Education
  • A minimum of 124 total hours for graduation
  • AGPA of 2.50 required in major, WSU courses and cumulative.
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Program Checksheet and Degree Plan
The program checksheet will help you track the courses and requirements for the Exercise Science Program.

Exercise Science Course Checksheet and Degree Plan

Program Outline
Students can complete the Undergraduate Exercise Science Program in approximately 4 years. Students that graduate with a degree in Exercise Science are qualified for a career as a Wellness Director, Teacher, Cardiology Technician, Exercise Gerontologist, Health Administrator, Nutritionist, Conditioning Specialist or Personal Trainer.