For over 45 years, the Center for International Business Advancement, in partnership with the World Trade Council of Wichita, has and will continue to provide education, to conduct research, and to promote international trade through the Midwest.

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Who We Are

The Center for International Business Advancement (CIBA) and the World Trade Council of Wichita (WTCouncil) form a public-private partnership to foster work and ideals of international business education, research, practice, and outreach. Professor Usha Haley (Barton Distinguished Chair in International Business and Professor of Management) serves as CIBA Director and the WTCouncil's elected Chair. This alliance provides strategies for global competitiveness through industry-specific education, training and outreach, developed through USED and BIE grants, which along with student engagement, contribute to a highly skilled and productive workforce for a globally competitive marketplace.

Presidential "E" Award and "E-Star" Award

CIBA/World Trade Council of Wichita is a proud recipient of the two highest awards conferred by the United States for Exports - the President's "E" and "E Star" Awards. The “E” Award was created by Executive Order of the President of the United States to recognize persons, firms, or organizations that contribute significantly to efforts to increase United States exports. The “E Star” Award recognizes continued exemplary achievement in advancing United States exports.

What We Do

CIBA/WTCouncil hold monthly dinner programs/events on topical issues regarding international business and trade to bring together various stakeholders, including local, national, and international business leaders, government officials, and foreign diplomats. Average attendance at the monthly meetings is more than 100. These meetings provide structured opportunities for students and faculty to network with business and government leaders for collaborative research opportunities and job openings. Recent presenters include the Kansas Secretary of Commerce David Toland, Spirit Aerosystems VP Mark Suchinski, Cargill VP Pat Binger, Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam and others. The WTCouncil also sponsors the Dharma deSilva Endowed International Business Scholarship for students.


Usha Haley at a desk, with a series of books.Usha Haley, CIBA Director

Tel: 316-978-5500

Usha Haley (PhD, Stern School of Business, New York University) is W. Frank Barton Distinguished Chair in International Business, and Professor of Management, Wichita State University. She is also Director, Center for International Business Advancement and Chair, World Trade Council of Wichita. She has over 350 publications and presentations on non-market economies, subsidies, multinational corporations, emerging markets, trade, strategy, and scholarly impact. Her research on Chinese subsidies has been incorporated into federal trade regulation in the USA, EU, Australia, and India including the Non-market Economy Trade Remedy Act (the basis of HR 1229 in the USA) and three pieces of EU anti-dumping regulation. Competitive research grants include from the National Science Foundation. See CV section for an extended BIO.

Sherryl Hubble, Administrative Specialist, WTCouncil/CIBA
Tel: 316-978-3176

Al-Sabban, Alae, President, International Business Studies Association

Poojeetha Madugula, Graduate Research Assistant- for CIBA/WTCouncil

Manmohan Amulya Naidu, Graduate Research Assistant- for Dr. Haley

More Information

For more information on events, registration, payments, and membership, please contact the office at or call 316-978-3176; for more information on CIBA/WTCouncil, media requests, program sponsorship and speaking at the WTCouncil, please contact Prof. Haley directly at or 316-978-5500. You may also contact us through this form.

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Founded in 1975 by Dr. Lee Nehrt, Dr. Dharma deSilva, and Dean Larry McKibbin in concert with 11 area multinational companies to promote international trade and investment in Greater Wichita and south-central Kansas.

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