The Department of Economics at Wichita State offers a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for employment in business, financial institutions, government, and non-profits. Studying economics also provides a strong foundation for graduate study in the areas of business, law, public policy and economics.


Undergraduate Programs

Economics Major

Studying economics at WSU provides you with a broad knowledge foundation. Majors learn about the economic ideas while developing critical thinking, writing and quantitative skills. Internships in the public and private sectors put economics learning into practice, preparing you for an impactful career.



Economics Minor

A minor in economics compliments many majors, including international studies, accounting, finance, marketing, philosophy, political science, statistics, psychology, mathematics and more. As a minor, you’ll practice critical thinking, writing and quantitative skills applicable across many different career areas.

Graduate Degree Programs

Master's in Economics and Quantitative Analysis

The master’s program brings together economic theory and practical application in the field. Our faculty offer a diverse set of approaches to the study of economics, emphasizing critical interaction among economics theories and their industrial and analytical application. MA students join a close-knit community of faculty and peer collaborators.


Accelerated MA in Economics

Our accelerated program allows motivated students to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees over five years. It combines the benefits of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs and maintains our emphasis on studying economics in context and coupling critical thinking with quantitative analysis.





Behavioral Economics Laboratory

Economic experiments involve real people who make serious choices. Through their efforts, participants stand to make substantial amounts of money.

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Mentoring Program 

The program will include mentoring by ISEG faculty and invitations to seminars and networking events.  The fellowship will also include a $200 annual stipend, split between fall and spring semesters.  

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Institute for the Study of Economic Growth

Institute for the Study of Economic Growth (ISEG) is to advance the teaching, research, and application of innovative and entrepreneurial activities in a free enterprise economy to enhance societal prosperity through economic growth. 

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Econ Bites on the Go

The virtual talk series called "Economics Bites on the Go" aims to provide Wichita State students an opportunity to interact with top-tier fun economists. 

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Vernon Smith

The Opening Ceremony of Wichita State University Behavioral Economics Laboratory is November 30. Our special guest of honor will be Dr. Vernon Smith!


Economists Anonymous hosts regular events throughout the semester.


Our virtual talk series called "Economics Bites on the Go" aims to provide Wichita State students an opportunity to interact with top-tier fun economists. 


The Economics Department regularly hosts notable scholars and business leaders in the public and private sectors for lectures, seminars, and conferences.


Quotes from Students and Alumni


  • "I chose Economics because I enjoy problem solving; the subject teaches me how to evaluate problems using both critical reasoning skills as well as logic."
  • "Economics is a foundational element of business that covers a vast array of topics and decisions that businesses must make regularly."
  • "The professors in the economics program are top-notch and helped me understand and internalize complex ideas and theories. They really care about the growth and knowledge of each student."



  • "The economics program has helped me tremendously in giving me an analytical and curious mindset that helps always push me to ask 'why' and dig into these questions with data and models, and that is something that has set me apart in my career and helped push me forward."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my Economics classes at WSU due to the excellent faculty in the department and believe the subject is very valuable for a variety of career paths.”
  • "I majored in economics because I loved studying and understanding the reasons why businesses, governments, and consumers act the way that they do through the lens of economic theory, and finding quantitative ways to describe and model those behaviors."