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A degree in economics from Wichita State combines its quality curriculum with the extraordinary opportunities for applied learning and internships found in Kansas' largest city—helping you build a professional resume and make the connections that lead to your dream career.


Class in Koch Trading Center.

About Economics

Who determines mortgage rates? Is bitcoin a real currency? Are rich countries becoming richer? Can we avoid another financial crisis? Does the price of charitable giving matter? What to do with big data? When and why incentives (don’t) work? 

Economists study questions like these to reveal what can be done to improve the economy and individual decision-making. The Department of Economics at Wichita State University provides insight into how the world works and prepares students to have successful careers at businesses, financial institutions, and in the public sector by developing their analytical skills to understand causal relationships, trends, process improvements, pricing decisions, and business strategies. 

Students who have graduated with an economics degree from our program are employed by large multinational companies including Koch Industries, Invista, Spirit Aerosystems, Textron, and Cargill. Our graduates are also hired in financial institutions, investment and insurance firms such as Commerce Bank, Intrust Bank, Equity Bank, Morgan Stanley, IMA Financial Group, Santander Consumer USA, and Millennium Management. Kansas Department of Labor, Kansas Department of Commerce, Office of the State Bank Commissioner of Kansas, and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency are among the government agencies who have hired our recent graduates.  Our economics majors have attended graduate programs at Harvard, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, George Mason University, and Washburn University.




Why Economics?

Quotes from current students and alumni:

  • "I chose Economics because I enjoy problem solving; the subject teaches me how to evaluate problems using both critical reasoning skills as well as logic."
  • "Economics is a foundational element of business that covers a vast array of topics and decisions that businesses must make regularly."
  • "The professors in the economics program are top-notch and helped me understand and internalize complex ideas and theories. They really care about the growth and knowledge of each student."
  • "The economics program has helped me tremendously in giving me an analytical and curious mindset that helps always push me to ask 'why' and dig into these questions with data and models, and that is something that has set me apart in my career and helped push me forward."
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my Economics classes at WSU due to the excellent faculty in the department and believe the subject is very valuable for a variety of career paths.”
  • "I majored in economics because I loved studying and understanding the reasons why businesses, governments, and consumers act the way that they do through the lens of economic theory, and finding quantitative ways to describe and model those behaviors."