August 2024 - October 2024
Course Title
                            Strengths Based Leadership                          
Financial Reporting & Analysis
Leading in a Complex World


October 2024 - December 2024
Course Title
                Business Analytics for Strategic Decision Making      
Mental Wellness as a Business Strategy


 January 2025 - March 2025
Course Title
                                       Corporate Finance                                        
  Strategic Human Resources


 March 2025 - May 2025
Course Title
Operations & Supply Chain Management
                                                  Business Law & Ethics                                               
Strategic Real Estate


July 2025 - September 2025
Course Title
                     Accounting for Planning and Control               
Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation


September 2025 – November 2025
Course Title
Strategic Marketing 
Economics of Managerial Decisions
Applied Usage of AI in Business


November 2025 - February 2026
             Course Title
                                    Competitive Strategy                           
            Global Business
               Digital Transformations
                 Consulting Project Capstone