Welcome to the Koch Global Trading Center

In addition to virtually limitless access to applied learning, the Koch Global Trading Center gives Barton School students professional experience on campus with access to the same live market data and research used by professionals.

KGTC by the Numbers:

  • 30 work stations supplying real-time comprehensive financial data
  • Dual monitors at each workstations and five flat-screens carrying live market data and television feeds
  • Two digital financial tickers (30 and 60 feet long) showing stock prices


  • Experiential learning opportunities for students, such as managing their own simulated investment portfolios
  • Development of a new Commodity and Energy Trading class, unique to WSU
  • Interaction of our students with business professionals in the fields of investment management, commodity trading, and hedge funds
  • Recruitment of highly qualified students for the Barton School of Business

Job opportunities:

  • Companies such as Koch, Cargill, Evergy, Poet, and Allegro




Contact us for more information:

Dr. Timothy Craft, Director of the Koch Global Trading Center