Alumni Share Their Experiences

Joselyne Hernandez

Degrees and Years: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Minors in personal selling and management 2016
WSU Experience: Imagine being a student and having the chance to create a marketing plan for a non-profit organization with a very small budget. Call me silly but this class project was a major light bulb moment for me! I realized it doesn't take a load of money to be a great marketer. Instead it's your creativity, leadership, teamwork, enthusiasm and willingness to learn all marketing skills that I've experienced at Wichita State and continually practice in my current job.
Current occupation: I stay on my toes as the Marketing Director for The Kansas Foot Center, where I develop marketing strategies, and advocate all things foot and ankle.
Advice for future marketing students: "It's easy for us to want to work for companies with the biggest name or biggest paycheck, but my advice is to pick a company where you can solve for growth. "I was once told 'you get far more career credit for being the 5th employee at LinkedIn after its explosive growth than you do for being the 500th employee at Radio Shack before it stops growing.'"

Evelin Palacios

Degress and Years: Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business with minors in Marketing and Spanish.
WSU Experience: My overall experience as a WSU student was amazing.. The opportunities and experiences I had at WSU through my involvement in student organizations, Study-Abroad programs, and class projects have all played a huge role in my current position. As I work with various customers from around the world, marketing has helped me better understand, communicate, and find the specific needs of each of our customers to better execute each contract.
Current Occupation: I am now working at Textron Aviation Inc. as a Contracts Coordinator in Special Missions.
Advice for future marketing students: "My advice for future marketing students is to market yourself, let it be known the qualities you can bring to the table and always take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself; you never know where it could take you.”

Ian Clark

Degrees and Years: Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing 2014
WSU Experience: I felt like the curriculum was designed to be applicable to the real world. Many courses offered the opportunity for in-depth hands-on experience. I can honestly say I use aspects from all of my marketing classes every day in my career. Some of my favorite courses such as Integrated Marketing Communication, Consumer Behavior, and Strategic Management gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to be successful. Some of the most valuable lessons and experiences at Wichita State came not only from the classroom but from the interpersonal relationships with students and faculty alike.
Current Occupation: Currently, I work at RSM Marketing as the Manager of I absolutely love my job, I couldn't ask for more out of my first job straight out of college.
Advice for future marketing students: "Don't feel the need to fit a mold, everyone's path is different and you should blaze your own trail. Opportunity knocks in the most peculiar of ways, make sure you ready to recognize it and seize it."

Reese Woodcox

Degrees and Years: Bachelor of Business Administration, Marketing, 2013
WSU Experience: The one program that stands out the most to me would be Business Study Abroad. It is a fantastic way to experience new countries while networking. The people I met while studying in Austria not only became close friends, many of whom I still speak with regularly, but were instrumental in my moving to Ireland after graduating to pursue a master's degree. This ultimately lead me to where I am now, working in one of the largest private companies in the world and in a field I am passionate about, so I owe quite a bit to this program.
Current Occupation: Currently I work in Cargill's Strategic Sourcing and Procurement department as an Associate Buyer.
Advice for future marketing students: "Take advantage of the resources and opportunities available to you. The Barton School of Business has a ton of information available to help you make the most of your time there, from the Career Development Center to the faculty. It's important to remember that many of these resources are available even after leaving Wichita State."

Samantha Bandasack

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing from 2011-2014
WSU Experience: Wichita State University was a building block for my career foundation. Building my resume was important and meaning to me during my WSU experience. I wanted to walk away from Wichita State with a competitive edge and I knew that I needed real world marketing experience. Not only was WSU able to help build my marketing knowledge, but also I was able to gather real-world experience through classes and CO-OP internships. Gaining internships through WSU's CO-OP is one of the biggest benefits to a student. Internships will help you gain work skills that will make you competitive when you're applying for jobs after graduation.
Current Occupation: Lead Marketing Specialist at Houzz, Inc.
Advice for future marketing students: "Get an internship through the CO-OP program because, it is going to be a building block for your career."

Madelynn Bazzelle 

Degrees and Years: Marketing with Real Estate, May 2016
WSU Experience: Having internships and getting real world experience was super valuable during my time as WSU. Getting to work with and see how different businesses operate was great for connecting classroom learning with real world problems.
Current Occupation: I work in digital marketing at a startup company creating advertisements for events in Facebook and Google.
Advice for future marketing students: "Go outside your curriculum to learn skills you want to utilize. One of my favorite classes I took at WSU was Ad Copywriting which gave me the confidence and skills to write for a public audience. Also, take advantage of every moment."

Robyn Davis

Degrees and Years: Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communications, minor in Entrepreneurship, 2014. Master of Arts in Communication, 2016
WSU Experience: Not viewing Wichita State as simply credit hours I had to take each semester, but engaging in all the opportunities the university offered was by far the best decision I made in college. I studied abroad in France, partook in Flint Hills Media Project, accepted many research opportunities outside of my class load and was a member of the Greek community. The soft skills, time management skills and overall work ethic those experiences taught me are what led to my post grad success. I also befriended my professors who have been mentors, but more importantly friends. I'm thankful for the support I found in the teachers who saw my potential and pushed me to succeed, but I had to be the one to take the initiative to reach out and develop those relationships.
Current Occupation: Account Coordinator
Advice for future marketing students: "Get as much professional experience as you can while in school. Internships, paid or unpaid, allow you to apply the skills you learn in school and teach you lessons far beyond what you learn in the confines of a classroom."

Madison Johnson

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing Class of 2014
WSU  Experience: “My experience at Wichita State was an astounding game changer. Coming into college the one phrase you'll hear on a daily basis is, “You'll get out of it, what you put into it,” but with WSU I didn't even have to look for those experiences. They surrounded me. At Wichita State I chose to diversify myself. Rather than be one person with one group of friends who did one thing, I wanted to be the girl who was everywhere doing the things she loved while earning a degree. My marketing experience in college showed my future employer that I'm not only highly adaptable, but I have the initiative to spearhead high-stress projects. With Wichita State on the map for its athletic excellence, when my employer saw that I worked with the athletic department's marketing team and, in turn, worked with Sports Illustrated while being a full-time student, they saw the ambition and organization it took to do that."
Current Occupation: Chief Human Resources Officer at a national toy company
Advice for future marketing students: “You'll get out of it, what you put into it.”

Michael Ward 

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing Class of 2014
WSU Experience: “My experience at Wichita State and within the Barton School of Business was incredible. I was surrounded by influential professors and students who were as passionate as I was about progressing as business people. The Marketing Department provides unique opportunities to work on many cooperative learning projects. One such project I was involved with was the development of a fully functional marketing plan for the new Shocker Hall dorm. As a capstone project, we were asked to develop marketing strategies that The Housing and Residence Life staff could use to help fill the dorms in their inaugural year. It was an extremely challenging project, but one which is validated each time I return to campus and see the success of Shocker Hall. If you're interested in a pragmatic approach to learning about real world business situations, enroll in the Barton School of Business Marketing Department at Wichita State University.”
Current Occupation: District Support Representative, Harland Clarke
Advice for future marketing students: “Become involved on campus and get as much professional marketing experience as you possibly can.”

Natalie Samb 

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing Class of 2013
WSU Experience: “My experience at WSU was extremely memorable. As a member of the WSU Women's Golf Team I was able to connect with the school, community and student body. The teachers designed the curriculum to give each student a hands-on experience. This created a learning environment applicable to the real world. After I graduated, I felt confident to enter the workforce with extensive knowledge in marketing and business practices. My new position is Membership Director at Topgolf in Overland Park. It is the perfect combination of everything I learned in school: marketing, sales and management. The fact that it is also in the golf and entertainment industry makes it truly a dream job for me."
Current Occupation: Membership Director, Topgolf
Advice for future marketing students: “Connect with the school, community , and student body.”

Lauren Viel

Degrees and Years: Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Class of 2012
WSU Experience: "The years I spent at Wichita State were wonderful! I loved being an athlete as well as a student. I graduated with the skills I needed and the motivation to pursue an MBA. I credit the professors who equipped me with the tools necessary to excel in this field. I am a Program Coordinator at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I work on financial projects for the most part, but the analysis aids in developing a marketing strategy for certain clinics or services in the hospital."
Current Occupation: Program Coordinator, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Alex Held 

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing Class of 2011
WSU Experience: "Overall, my experiences at Wichita State University were very positive. Much of my career-oriented work experiences were gained while I was still in college. After graduating, I sought out resume help from business leaders. Many people were impressed that I gained so much career-oriented work experience while still attending Wichita State. During my senior year, I worked at the Sunflower, an on-campus, student-run newspaper, helping local businesses market to the student population. While working in Promotions Management for Wichita Festivals, I connected with the leaders after the project was over, working as their communications intern. Currently I work at the Arlington Chamber of Commerce in Arlington, Va. as their membership engagement manager. My main focus is membership retention. I ended up in the Washington Metropolitan Area through AmeriCorps VISTA. AmeriCorps VISTA is a government program, started under President Johnson, which sends people to different non-profits helping the non-profit build capacity. My service year was at A-SPAN (Arlington Street People's Assistance Network), where I helped the organization increase their vehicle donations."
Current Occupation: Membership Engagement Manager, Chamber of Commerce in Arlington,Va.
Advice for future marketing students: Start your involvement on campus early to gain the most experience possible.

Tiffany Marr 

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing Class of 2010
WSU Experience: "I started WSU at 16 years old as an early high school graduate. While attending WSU as a full-time student, I also worked full-time. I have since obtained an MBA from WSU, and a Master of Science from Florida Institute of Technology. I now reside in Orlando, Fla., where I work in Government Defense Intelligence Systems for Northrop Grumman. My marketing experience helped me understand the business environment from a more dynamic perspective and better understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. In my current position as Contract Administrator, I am able to understand the impact of marketing initiatives on our subcontractors' ability to adequately fulfill their contracts with us."
Current Occupation: Contract Administrator, Government Defense Intelligence Systems for Northrop Grumman.
Advice for future marketing students: Understand the impact of marketing in your local area.

Robin Mishler 

Degrees and Years: Business Administration in Marketing 2004 MBA 2009
WSU Experience: "I was homeschooled during high school. I started WSU when I was 17 and I had not been in a classroom for the past few years. I was excited to be on campus and in an environment where everyone wanted to learn and expand. I loved the experience as well as my professors. I went back to WSU for my Master's with a Marketing Concentration. I am the Marketing Director and Lead Research Analyst for The Research Partnership. We are a full-service market research and consulting firm. We conduct focus groups and surveys as well as other methodologies to help companies make more informed decisions. It is a very interesting job as every project is different. I have been with thiscompany for seven years and I still love to help test ad campaigns, develop products, test name andbranding changes and improve services. One of the reasons I decided to major in marketing was theflexibility to go in so many directions. With this degree, you can go into advertising, promotions, branding,research, sales, etc. In my current position, I work with various areas within marketing departments. Every project requires me to learn all about that specific company, their industry and their target markets. It still feels like college, the learning process never ends."
Current Occupation: Marketing Director and Lead Research Analyst for the Research Partnership